Student Apps to Cope with Homework Faster

It isn’t easy to imagine the modern academic process without the widespread use of software products. The fact is that students are tired of the classic search for information in libraries and the analysis of dozens of notes. Young people want more modern ways to solve their academic problems. Imagine that you want to craft your homework faster than usual. Surely you will be happy if you can use convenient applications. Here are software products that will help speed up your writing activities.

Why Do Students Need Apps?

The main reason is that the educational process has greatly changed in recent decades. Students need to collect and analyze much more information than before. So this is why apps are so important for young people. Students can accelerate many writing processes, gathering information and analyzing facts before completing any assignment. Moreover, some applications are required to achieve certain academic goals. That is why you should not ignore modern student apps.


Many people cannot focus on one task for a long time, especially if they are tired of academic activities. Imagine that you want to check the news on Facebook, share photos on Instagram or watch YouTube videos instead of monotonous paper crafting. You will surely be distracted by different sites and applications, so your academic efficiency will equal zero. But what if you can change everything and become more productive with just one click?



StayFocusd is a fantastic app that can block websites and apps on your devices. In other words, you won’t be able to visit entertainment web platforms until you complete your homework. On the one hand, such an application seems strange, but let’s reason logically. Can you control yourself 100%? Are you ready to carefully write your paper or use only those sites that will help you in your research? Then, use StayFocusd, and you can complete any assignment faster.


Imagine that you need to craft a mini-essay but have just started learning a foreign language. Surely it will be challenging for you to cope with nuances regarding the correct use of words or the creation of speech structures. Luckily, you don’t have to despair; you can check Duolingo. So this is a great app that allows students to learn the basics of new languages ​​and do simple exercises. Plus, it’s the perfect knowledge base to help you stand out from the crowd.


But what if you’re not quite used to the interface yet, or are you looking for something special? In that case, time is your friend! Find a good writing service and delegate some of your papers. Just say, “Write essay for me cheap!” This strategy will help you improve your academic process, so don’t waste time. But first, you must be clear about the type of help you need to stand out from the crowd. You can then return to Duolingo and continue your language exploration.

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Have you ever wondered how good your writing talents are? Can you polish your essay or homework like a pro? The problem is that not all students can handle the writing routine, and Grammarly is a good option to avoid most of the pitfalls. In addition, such a software product will help you improve your grammar and spelling. For example, you can easily deal with possible punctuation errors. By the way, imagine that you have written too many word sentences.


As a result, your paragraphs can look like a wall of disjointed text. In addition, some parts of the proposals may look foreign, and you can remove them in one click. And don’t forget that some of your text needs clear transitions, and Grammarly knows how to help. For example, perhaps you want to sound less negative, especially when describing specific academic processes. Then you can rephrase some sentences according to the visual cues. In addition, Grammarly will help you find and replace overused words that impair text analysis.

Hemingway Editor

Sometimes your homework assignments can be large enough that you need a lot of time for writing activities. Imagine that you have to consider many terms, academic nuances, and some research results to make your work look solid enough. But the problem is that your suggestions may look like an ancient spellbook.

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Hemingway Editor is a software product that will allow you to identify all the weak parts of your paper quickly. Moreover, this app can highlight difficult-to-read sentences that you should rephrase or abbreviate. In addition, the Hemingway Editor has several levels of color grading, indicating the importance of writing issues and the nuances you should rewrite to achieve a positive result.

Plagiarism Checker & Detector

Imagine that your homework assignment is related to some research and analysis of scientific works. You will probably want to use a quote or an important term verbatim to emphasize the importance of your research. But do not forget that adding sentences without paraphrasing can significantly affect the originality of your paper. That is why you should not wait until your professor accuses you of plagiarism. Instead, use Plagiarism Checker & Detector to identify non-original content quickly.


Plagiarism Checker & Detector is a unique offering that will help you get through your academic routine faster. Now you can always see the places that you should rewrite. At the same time, you can be sure that your works are polished and meet all academic standards. As you can see, you can easily stop plagiarism with just a few clicks.

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Oxford Dictionary

When it comes to the writing activity, you need to ensure that every word is used correctly to reflect the context and essence of your research. That is why you should check the meaning of words thanks to the Oxford Dictionary. This software product contains a huge database of words and synonyms you can use during academic activities. In addition, such an application will be handy for foreigners who have not yet fully studied the linguistic details of the language.


Luckily, the app is free, and you don’t need to spend money to understand all the nuances of English. You need to clearly understand which group of words you want to choose to analyze their meaning, synonyms, and transcriptions. Take your time and carefully analyze your actions. This approach will enable you to be successful.

Google Drive

Information is what modern students need to stand out from the crowd. Don’t forget that you must create many text files and spreadsheets and search for relevant images for your papers. But the problem is that you need a single place to store your files. Can you access notes in the library, Internet cafe, or dorm room without delay? Luckily, Google Drive is exactly the app you need.

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Imagine having at least 16GB of storage for any files important to crafting your homework assignments. Google Drive is a storage where you can store, create and edit any files. Moreover, you can share permissions with other students and craft your assignments faster. Just a few clicks, and your academic process can be greatly accelerated.

Office Lens

Have you ever had to analyze notes and create dozens of digital pages with text and graphics? Surely you were not enthusiastic that most processes need to be done manually. But thanks to Office Lens, things can change a lot. For example, you can take photos and convert them to PDF or handwritten text into a digital document.


In addition, any student can quickly copy the scanned text and paste it into spreadsheets, which will greatly speed up your writing process. As you can see, now your writing routine will not look like a nightmare. After a few clicks, you will forget about the discomfort while scanning documents.

Which Apps Should Be Used First?

Such a question is rather complicated, given that each student has certain requirements for software products. As a rule, you need to pay attention to applications that can help you with your current tasks. For example, you can download a plagiarism checker, text editor, automatic PDF creator, and other software products. Pay attention to all paper requirements and adjust the list of applications depending on your current tasks. Such a strategy will allow you to achieve your desired goals.

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Free vs. Paid Apps

Many believe only paid applications are worth attention since they were created without classic marketing tricks and contextual advertising. In addition, people think that only such software products have the widest functionality. At the same time, many free apps are also very useful for students.


Moreover, they are a springboard for those looking for the most important features and are not ready to pay without a pre-made strategy. That is why you should consider the app rating and overall functionality. Sometimes even the most obscure software product can help you with many academic nuances, so be careful.

Final Words

As you can see, there are quite a few good digital products you can use as a student. Test all of the apps above, and you’ll see just how easy the paper crating process can be. Enjoy new features and good grades!


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