The Jharkhand Public Service Commission or JPSC has been known to us since 2000 when Jharkhand was formed after the division of the state Bihar. Candidates who aspire for government posts in the state can apply for the JPSC examination. And the candidate who is applying for JPSC should be a graduate of a recognized university. The age limit of candidates applying for the Jharkhand Public Service Commission or JPSC is between 20- 35 years of age. And for the candidates belonging to the OBC category, the age limit is 37 years(for males) and 38 years(for females). The age limit for the SC/ ST candidates is 40 years for both male and female candidates. Before fulfilling the above criteria, the candidate must be a citizen of India.

Highlights of the JPSC Examination

The JPSC exam is divided into three stages: Prelims, Main, and Personality tests. The first stage of the exam- Prelims include 2 compulsory papers based on general studies. Both Paper 1 and Paper 2 are 200 marks. And the time duration for each paper is 2 hours. So, Prelims is of a total of 400 marks. The papers of prelims contain Multiple Choice Questions. The Mains examination consists of a total of 6 papers. Paper 1 is based upon General English & General Hindi, Paper 2 includes language and literature, Paper 3 comprises social science, Paper 4 contains Indian Constitution and Polity, Paper 5 includes Indian Economy, and Paper 6 consists of General Science. The mains paper is of a total of 1050 marks. The time limit of. Each paper is 3 hours long.

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What is the Syllabus for JPSC Examination?

You also need to know the JPSC Syllabus for Prelims Examination given here:

The prelims paper comprises topics such as Indian Polity and Governance, Science and Technology, Indian history, National and international current events, Questions related to Jharkhand, Indian Geography, General Economic and Sustainable Development, Understanding the Geography of Jharkhand, and Social, Economic and Political Development of Jharkhand.


Mains Syllabus for JPSC exam: 

The Mains paper is categorized into 6 papers.

Paper 1: This paper has two sections: Hindi and English. Both paper contains equal weightage. And the paper includes Comprehension, Essay, Precis, and Grammar.

Paper 2: This paper entails languages and literature. And candidates are asked to choose any one option from the following languages: Hindi language and literature, English language and literature, Bengali language and literature, Khadia language and literature, Urdu language and literature, Sanskrit language and literature, Nagpuri language and literature, Mundari language and Literature, Khortha language and literature, Kurux language and literature, Panchpargania language and literature, Ho language and literature, Santhali language and literature, Kurmali language and literature.


Paper 3: Paper 3 is categorized into two sections: Indian History and Indian Geography. The history section contains topics like the Ancient period, Medieval period, Jharkhand history, and Modern history. The geography section involves topics like Physical Geography, Population, Natural Resources of India, Industrial, and Urban Development, and so on.

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Paper 4: Paper 4 is also divided into two sections: Public Administration and Good Governance, Indian Constitution, and Polity. The first section indulges topics like State Administration, Union Administration, District Administration, Public Administration, Delegation bureaucracy, and so on. The second section includes concepts like the Basics Fundamental Rights and Duties, Preamble, Government of the State, and Main features of the Indian constitution.

Students from Jharkhand who are aiming to pursue their careers in the government sector should give this exam.

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