You have made up your mind to pursue higher education away from your home country. But, the process of applying for an educational course in a foreign land isn’t easy. You may face several hurdles, such as getting your visa approved or choosing a standard college for your studies. Dealing with these hurdles is not only time-consuming but often makes no sense to the students. This is where the undeniably important role of overseas education consultants comes into play.

Role And Importance Of An Overseas Education Consultant

Almost 4.3 million students enroll in university-level education outside their home country. The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, and Switzerland have the highest percentage of international students. So, you are not alone when it comes to studying abroad. Now let’s see the role and importance of an overseas education consultant in this scenario.

  1. Provides relevant career counseling

Career counseling is basically the process of getting you prepared for your career so that you know what you want in your career and how to achieve that. It is, in fact, one of the significant steps for studying abroad. A qualified overseas education consultant can provide you with a roadmap for studying abroad hassle-free.

What is included in the career counseling sessions?

  • Let’s say you have a country in mind for your higher studies. But, what if the country doesn’t have reputed colleges for the subject you are interested in? You may end up hiring essay writers to get your tasks done. Thus, the overseas education consultant directs you where and when to go.
  • The overseas education consultant helps the student, as well as the parent, choose an appropriate country and university depending on her/his preferences. The consultant also helps you choose the right career in a foreign country. Whether you want to provide essay help or teach student painting, share your goals with the consultant.
  • Getting enrolled in a foreign university is one thing. However, getting hold of a place to stay or adapting to the standards of the country is confusing on a whole different thing. So, an overseas education consultant can give you the best advice related to accommodation, an overview of the standard of that country and jobs.
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The competition out there is fierce. Be very careful when it comes to choosing a specific college for your higher studies. An overseas education consultant conveys to you how intense the competition is and which university is the best for you.

  1. Evaluates your overall profile

Your profile is the first thing your admission authorities will get to see before approving your application. But you don’t really know what the authorities are exactly expecting in your profile. Do you? Wouldn’t that be a problem to draft a profile without knowing if that’s what your admission authorities are looking for? This is again where the role of overseas comes into play. The consultants can help you create a profile based on the subjects or universities you are interested in. They can also evaluate the profile and provide you with the best programs and courses in reputed universities.

Here’s what a strong student’s profile looks like:

  • Your strengths– You should realize you aren’t the only one sending admission applications. So, you need to mention your strengths to stand out from the rest.
  • An impressive statement of purpose- This purpose of statement conveys who you are and why you are passionate about the particular course. You also need to discuss how you can contribute to the success of the institution.
  • A letter of recommendation– You should include a letter of recommendation or an internship certificate that you may have earned. It enhances your chance of getting admitted to the university.
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Most universities consist of specific criteria in terms of students’ profiles. Overseas education consultants can guide you through each criterion and help you draft a proper profile for admission.

  1. Guides you through the finance estimation for abroad studies

Financial planning is mandatory if you want your admission to foreign universities to be seamless. You don’t want to drop out of college for debt. Do you? Thus, it is crucial to estimate the basic cost of studying abroad. And overseas education consultants can help you prepare the financial budget according to the course you want to study and the country you want to live in.

Here are the factors they usually consider while preparing the budget:

  • The cost of university
  • Application fees
  • Tuition and books
  • Accommodation
  • Passport and visa-related costs
  • Travel
  • Living expenses

The overseas education consultants know the expenses involved with studying in a foreign land. They can also guide you through scholarships or other ways to cut down expenses to some extent.

  1. Helps you get your visa approved

The process of getting your visa approved is quite complex. Students often end up missing their admission deadline because their visas got rejected or the approval got delayed. The overseas education counselors have a strong network and connections, which makes the visa approval process 10X easier. The counselors can help you provide the right pieces of information required for the successful completion of the visa procedure.

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Here are the reasons why visas or study permits get rejected:

  • Inability to support yourself financially
  • Indecisions regarding leaving the country after completing studies
  • Inaccurate choice of program
  • Inaccurate letter of acceptance
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There are other multiple factors that are taken into account in this process. The overseas education consultants make sure you meet all the criteria ad get the visa approved easily. The faster your visas and permits get approved, the sooner you can begin your classes.

Studying abroad is one of your smartest decisions because it will expose you to a whole new world and help you develop in life. But, in reality, the process involved in making this dream a reality is complicated. But, overseas education consultants can make it easier for you.

How to choose a reliable overseas education consultant?

Getting through the entire process of applying abroad all alone can be overwhelming. Thus, you need a reliable overseas education consultant so that you don’t make any impulsive decisions amidst the process. But, that doesn’t mean all consultants will help you out. Some may be inexperienced and land you in trouble instead. Keep the following tips in mind to choose a reliable overseas education consultant:

  • Shortlist a few consultants and conduct thorough background research
  • Read reviews, testimonials, and social media pages
  • Ask questions about their expertise
  • Encourage the consultant to maintain complete transparency with you
  • Seek suggestions from professionals, family, and friends

Once you have got the right consultant, share your exact requirements with them. For instance, tell them the country you want to study in and the stream you want to choose. The consultant can provide you with relevant guidance accordingly.

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Wrapping Up,

Overseas education consultants are the bridge between you and your dream of studying abroad. Ṭhe process of applying for studying abroad is anything but easy. But, the consultants can help you with it. From choosing the right university for you to presenting the financial budget, They usually got everything covered.

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