Quicken Error CC-502- How to fix it?


Quicken Error CC-502 is a typical error that occurs when you try to update your bank accounts in Quicken. If you are also dealing with a similar issue, you do not need to be concerned. We have a tech-savvy individual that will guide you in the correct route.


In this post, we’ll explore why and how to solve the Quicken Error CC 502.


Quicken Software is one of our famous and well-established programmes for managing all your personal and small company accounts efficiently. It is incredibly dependable, very versatile, and has a very good customer base in the business sector.

 It enables you to improve your firm and to influence all payments using Quicken software. The finest aspect of this Quicken service is the online transaction that is offered.

Reason for the occurrence of Quicken Error CC-502


The Quicken client version is out of date 

 In most situations, this problem arises because the bank made a modification that Quicken isn’t yet set up to handle. Quicken’s updating mechanism can be broken by a single tiny change to their web server. Fortunately, Quicken is usually quick to adapt to new bank service provider modifications, so upgrading to the most recent programme version should fix the problem in most situations.


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Out of Sync

Instances, when the online account information is out of sync, might also cause this problem. In this instance, you may fix the problem by refreshing the needed data, which will force the Quicken client to update the currently open file.


Corrupted file

 The corruption of the file within the Quicken data folder that an online account uses may also be borne by this specific issue. Several impacted individuals stated that after disabling their account the matter was addressed, the file was validated and the account they had problems with was added again. 

The problem was resolved. The only remedy, however, is to create a new file from start in some situations.


Things must be done before solving the Quicken Error CC-502

1. Create a backup file for Quicken.


We recommend that you generate a Quicken file backup before doing any error-resolution procedures, since you may return back to the same spot you started if there is a fallback between these processes. For backup creation:

  • Open the Quicken 
  •  Go to Restore and backup > Quicken file back up…
  • Click Now to Return


2. Do not automatically allow transactions put in the register


You may prevent duplicates from being entered into the account register and also guarantee that transactions are not automatically entered into the register. That is to be done:

  • Open Quickens
  • Go to Edit and then click on  Prerequisites
  • Choose transactions downloaded
  • Uncheck Add to the bank register automatically
  • Click on  OK 


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Quicken Error CC-502- How to fix it?

Here we are providing you some easy steps to fix Quicken Error CC- 502. Follow the steps below-

1.Update Quicken to the Latest Version

  • Open you Quicken
  • Go to Help > Update Check
  • If you can install an update, click Yes to activate it.


2.Update Online Account Data

  • Select Account (To the left side)
  • Click the top-right gear icon with the drop-down menu once the account registration is open.
  • Then press Ctrl+Alt+U to Update Now.
  • The next screen asks you to enter a vault or bank password.
  • Then click the Update Now button.


If the first two ways don’t work, try the troubleshooting procedures below.


3.Consult your Bank/Financer

Please talk to your bank / financial institution to help if you waited more than 24 hours and tried to update your accounts and receive the same problem notice. You can assist in the next procedure.


If you come into difficulty, wait for some time until the problem has been addressed, but if you don’t work with a problem, go to Method 4.


 4.Wait 24-48 hours for a response.

Please wait at least 24-48 hours after attempting Method 3. The modifications to the bank’s server or website may take some time to implement. If the problem persists, try updating the account after 24-48 hours and then using the techniques outlined above.


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We don’t recommend deactivating and reactivating the account because this issue only occurs for a short period of time, but if the problem persists after waiting too long, please try the solutions below.


5. Account Deactivation and Reactivation

Account deactivation


  • Go to Tools > Account List.
  • You may now edit an account that is causing the issue.
  • Choose the Online Services option.
  • After that, click Deactivate.
  • To confirm, click Yes now.
  • Then, when you’re ready, click OK and Done.


Account Reactivation


  • Go to Tools > Accounts > Add Account…
  • Then choose an account type, such as checking or savings.
  • Now select Advanced Setup from the drop-down menu (to the bottom left corner)
  • Now input your bank’s or financial institution’s name.
  • Then press the Next button.
  • Choose an appropriate connection method and then click Next.
  • Now go to the bank. Password and Username
  • Then press the Connect button.
  • Quicken now begins to look up your financial accounts.
  • It’s time to reactivate your account once you’ve seen the list of your accounts (s)
  • Rather of adding the accounts anew, you must LINK it to an existing Quicken account (See an image below)
  • Then click Next and Finish to complete the process.


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We hope these methods will help you in the future if ever, you get stuck in Quicken Error CC-502. For more detail or need any kind of help, you can contact us on +1-844-405-0904.


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