Who would have thought that cellphone one day will dominate the world? A small gadget that was once used as a sign of the elite class has now changed its shape to so many different designs and everyone has got one. Be it your teenager your employee, or anyone else. Tell me what comes to your mind when somebody asks about the purpose of the 1st mobile phone. It was to contact anyone anywhere without any hurdle. Apparently, you had to pay to receive a call as well. Interesting right!.

Let’s discuss the Location tracking

Anyway, now things are pretty different. You cant ask a person why he or she needs a mobile phone. Because it is like a compulsory gadget everyone has. You don’t need to be in some kind of super working force or anything like that. It is just a usual part of our everyday life. With time the technology has evolved and now you can do many things with just a cellphone. From making money to spend, from learning to teaching, from entertainment to being an entertainer cellphone can surprise you. This has broadened the scope of use of cellphone in work life.

Especially some of the features or apps a simple android offers can be smartly used to improve the quality of work at your organization or among your employees. Similarly, the use of different apps for these cellphones is another way to make your work life easier. For example use of a live mobile location tracker online feature can help an employer in so many ways

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It is widely used in the US  as many companies don’t even tell you about it officially.

  • According to a post in The Atlantic, a survey reports that nearly a third of people know and told that they have been tracked through GPS by their employers.
  • 15% responded that their location has been tracked the whole day.


24-hour tracking is a little too much but monitoring for the sake of securing the company’s resources in the work time is the basic right of every employer and organization. The top 4 reasons employers must add a live mobile location tracker online feature to their bucket list are as follows.

  1. Real-time Reporting:

One of the app the OgyMogy offers an excellent feature for employee monitoring. The real-time tracking facility offered by the live mobile location tracker online feature can be used in many businesses. I mean how cool is it that you can easily monitor the real-time location of your employee at any given time. This feature is an excellent opportunity to follow those employees who are responsible for deliveries or outdoor chores.

  1. Monitoring History:

The spy app saves the location history of the target for the user. That means you can check the movement history of the mobile workforce or sales staff easily. A proper record of the whereabouts of an employee means you can verify their travel history weekly or at the end of every month. On the other hand use of this kind, of spy app or feature can motivate employees to solely focus on their work.

  1. Accurate Tracking Information:

Thus real-time monitoring of the live location of the target employees with accurate information is very useful for employers. Businesses like courier services can use this feature to their benefit as accurate information about a particular route with the date and time stamp information can be used for verification.

  1. Good Business Strategy:

The use of employee monitoring apps and features like mobile location trackers can be considered effective business strategies nowadays. For example, you can know about the popularity of your brand or product in a particular location or place by tracking the delivery business. Similarly, a feature like GPS tracking can be used to assure the safety and security of employees and the company’s resources. For example, a cab service can track the vehicle in case of any unfortunate incident. Similarly, your organization can track your cellphone in case of theft or loss.

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People usually find it hard to accept a new drastic change in their lives. Incorporation of a Live mobile location tracker online feature or spy app might seem hard for these kinds of people but it is worth the buzz.



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