Social media platforms were designed to build a social community for people across the globe. The main idea was to connect people from different parts of the world. Right now, we can see what it has become.

It has become a platform for almost anything and everything. Here you can share your views and ideas, start a fundraising initiative, promote your business, or sell your products and services.

Especially due to the global pandemic outbreak and lockdown, a lot of businesses have shifted to online platforms, and social media is one of the most popular and reasonable ones. This is why it has changed the way we used to communicate and entertain ourselves.

Yes, you read that right; social media has also changed the entertainment industries as well. Just take a usual consideration. Whenever we get bored or want some relaxation, we open Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform.

Just the way you can get almost any movie or series free of cost from The Pirate Bay, social media platforms are also there to offer you some precious entertainment options.

Here, in this article, we are going to talk about social media and its entertainment options. Before that, let’s have some statistical information.

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Hours Spent Every Week On Online Activities

For Generation-C, listening to music and  social networking top the activities that are more than the time people usually spent watching full-length movies or television shows per week.

  • Social media networking sites visiting – 8 hours.
  • Listening to music – 8 hours.
  • Full-length movies watching – 4 hours.
  • Full-length television shows watching- 7 hours.
  • Video clips watching, such as on YouTube – 4 hours.
  • Instant messaging – 4 hours.

Social Networking Is Impacting Entertainment Choices

Reports state that 79% of connected television viewers usually visit Facebook while watching TV. Experts also consider social media as the connective tissue which lets consumers multitask when they are into some type of entertainment experiences.

This is done when they are getting connected with other people and also sharing their individual opinions. Plus, 83% surf the world wide web when they are watching television, and 41% tweet about the show they are currently watching.

Let’s consider the psychology of engagement; the next statistic becomes a little more revealing. Among those who post about TV shows, 76% do so for a living, and 51% do so in order to feel connected to others who might be waiting as well.

Social Media On The Silver Screen

e can clearly see that those individuals who tweet about movies really influence the behavior of those individuals who follow them.

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Around 33% of the connected consumers usually watch a movie in a theater just because they have read something about the same movie on social media. Reports have also found that horror, along with other younger-skewing genres of film getting benefit from social networking.

We would love to mention the example of Paranormal Activity 3. Over 6% of respondents watched the movie just because of some social networking activity.

Social Networking In Theaters

Most people check the social media handles of the stars, directors, production houses, and the movie they are planning to watch. Also, social media keeps them updated with all the movies that have just been released or released.

You might also have watched Instagram live of your favorite star along with the other stars who are also part of the film that is going to be released in three or already in theatres. Several social media channels also take their interviews.

Social media has become a platform to promote any television series or movie, just the way businesses are promoting their services and products. After all, the film industry is also a type of business and money-making thing.

We get to know the release date, the star cast, get to see the trailers of much-awaited series or movies on social media platforms.

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To Conclude

We can clearly claim that social media has become a resource for both information about the entertainment industry and a part of the industry as well. The social media news feed is actually an entertainment option we love to use during our free time.


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