Most users want to take advantage of the methods of using Instagram from the computer. The Instagram application has an interface designed for mobile phones. With the help of some programs, it becomes possible to use Instagram on laptops or desktop computers. In addition, some users benefit from the methods of using Instagram from the computer without a program. Instagram users can experience using the application on computers by using the alternatives they want.

Methods of Using Instagram from Computer

It is possible to log in to the Instagram account from web browsers on computers. However, it is not possible to take full advantage of all the features of the application on the computer. To use Instagram actively from the computer and to benefit from more features, it is necessary to make a few adjustments. You can experience Instagram on a computer by using reliable methods that can be used according to preference. You can fulfill your basic expectations such as editing and sharing Instagram posts from the computer.

Using Instagram from Windows 10

The vast majority of computers have the Windows operating system. The latest version, Windows 10, allows users to benefit from applications designed for mobile devices, thanks to the innovations made. Thanks to the method used through the Google Chrome browser, it is possible to use Instagram from a computer without the need for any additional programs. However, it should be said that it is different from the application used on the phone. The way to download Instagram from a Windows 10 computer is as follows:

  • Go to the magnifying glass icon in the lower-left corner of the computer and search for “store” on the screen that will open.
  • “Microsoft Store”, which is Microsoft’s market, should be selected from the options.
  • You must download the Instagram application from the Microsoft Store and log in with the username and password.
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Thanks to this method, transactions that can be done on Instagram can also be done from the computer. Although there are some differences from the applications on smartphones, we can say that it will meet the expectations. Another method to use Instagram without a program from the computer is to proceed through the Google Chrome browser. Here are the steps to use Instagram from a computer with Google Chrome:

  • Login to from the Google Chrome browser.
  • When the site is open, right-click with the mouse and click on the “Inspect” option.
  • On the screen that opens, it will be seen that some codes are written.
  • The box on the top left of the screen should be selected and the percentage area on the right should be set as 100%.
  • After making the necessary selections, pressing the F5 key will refresh the page.
  • After the browser is refreshed, a “+” sign appears at the bottom of the open Instagram page for uploading posts.
  • When the processes are completed completely, the use of Instagram from the computer is completed.

Those with the Apple operating system can perform the same operations from the Safari browser instead of Google Chrome. After logging into Instagram via Safari, the “Development Menu” is selected and the “Inter-User” tab is preferred. In the selection of the mobile device to be opened, one of the iPhone or iPad preferences is made. It is possible for those who use different browsers to do the same for Instagram from the computer. However, since password and login information will be used, it is recommended to choose the most reliable browsers.

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Using Instagram from the Emulator

Programs called emulators are used to use Instagram from a computer. Since the application does not have a function such as being able to be used from a computer, it is necessary to get help from different programs. Programs for using Instagram from the computer are downloaded and installed. Programs called emulators basically allow computer screens to turn into mobile screens. In this way, Instagram, which is compatible with mobile devices, becomes available on a computer. Reliable programs available in the market should be used. To use Instagram on the emulator, the following steps are followed:

  • The program is downloaded and installed on the computer.
  • After the emulator is opened, Instagram should be downloaded by logging into the Google Play Store application.
  • Log in to the account via the Instagram icon that will appear on the screen.
  • Just like on mobile devices, the account is logged in with the username and password. In this way, the mobile use of Instagram from the computer is completed.

After following the steps, it is possible to use Instagram from the computer. Instagram used with this method is the same as on mobile devices. Therefore, users will be able to meet their expectations without feeling any shortcomings. Situations such as sharing and editing Instagram posts from the computer become possible. Due to the use of login information and personal data during installation, it is recommended that such applications be made from personal computers.

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Thanks to the applied methods, it becomes possible to perform operations such as posting an Instagram story from the computer, as in the postings. As well as watching the stories of other users, the normal Instagram experience can be experienced from the computer when the ability to share posts is used on the computer. When researched on the internet, it is seen that many applications enable the use of Instagram on the computer. In order to ensure security, applications should be thoroughly researched before downloading and user comments should be taken into account.

What is the use of using Instagram from a computer?

Using Instagram from a computer can be convenient in some cases. For example, in situations such as editing and uploading photos, it is possible to get better quality results on the computer. Photos taken professionally with cameras for personal or business accounts may need to be transferred to a computer first. There is a decrease in the quality in photos sent back to mobile devices.

In addition, although mobile devices can be used for photo editing, they are not the same as programs that can be used from a computer. It provides an advantage as there are advanced and constantly renewed editing programs on the computer. It is very efficient to use Instagram from the computer, especially for corporate account managers who need to constantly share quality. It is ensured that those who are active in social media can easily use Instagram on the computer.

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Advantages of Using Instagram from Computer

The good aspects of using Instagram on a computer are that it provides convenience in terms of managing the account more easily. The advantages of using Instagram from laptop or desktop computers can be examined under the following headings:

  • Seeing All Posts: As with mobile devices, you can log in to Instagram from your computer and see your own posts and all other users’ posts.
  • Interacting: When entering Instagram on a computer, a quick reply or comment can be written due to the use of the keyboard. In this way, it becomes possible to communicate more effectively with other users. Small keyboards, typing difficulties, etc., when using applications on mobile devices. situations may be encountered. For this reason, those who want to move more comfortably prefer to log in to Instagram via computer.
  • Seeing Followers and Following: You can easily see the people you follow and the users who follow you. In this way, you can have the opportunity to edit the people you follow as in the mobile application.
  • Search Section: Thanks to the search section at the top, it is possible to make various searches within the application. You can search for user accounts or tags.
  • Hashtag: You can perform hashtag searches, which are the main features of Instagram, in logins via computer as well as on the mobile platform.
  • Profile Editing: You can make edits related to the bio section in the user profile. It is extremely easy to make the necessary additions and subtractions by clicking on the Edit My Profile option.
  • Managing App Permissions: Thanks to the Edit Profile option located on the left, it is possible to make various edits on the allowed apps.
  • Comment Closing: You can limit the comments on your posts according to your wishes. The comment closing feature is very useful for both individual and corporate users.
  • Opening a New Account: You can open a new account on a computer as well as on mobile devices.
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Is It Safe To Use Instagram From Computer?

Using Instagram from a computer does not cause any inconveniences. By using reliable methods and programs, it is possible to use Instagram from a computer without encountering any problems. Thanks to Instagram, which is a 100% reliable download from Microsoft Store, there is no security problem. In addition, there is no charge for downloading the Instagram application to the computer. Instagram, whose number of users exceeds millions daily, continues to be preferred due to its efficiency in use in many areas. With InstaBoost effective methods, you can experience free and safe use of Instagram on your computer.



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