We know how falsely the lives portray there when talking about social media. People only share the best version of their lives, their heavily edited photos loaded with filters, an unknown person sending you the following requests, random direct messages, etc. As adults, we are well aware of what to do in these situations, but if kids face the same, they would be clueless about reacting. As a parent, you must be afraid of how social media will impact your kid’s life, whether they will be able to make the correct decisions regarding what to watch or not.


A recent survey found that 40% of underage children use social media apps like Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, even though they are not meant for them and just for adults and teenagers.


There is a craze of being on social media today, as if you don’t have a profile, you don’t exist. While the social media apps we use do require you to be at least 13 years of age, there is no verification process to ensure that the person is 13 years old, so it is effortless for kids to sign up, and they are exposed to things they shouldn’t see at this tender age. Not just for under 13, the social media that we have today is not safe for even under 18.

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Can you imagine if you know that there are apps that act as a practice platform where your kid can practice what it is like being on social media, and you will have complete control of the app? Sounds interesting, right? As a parent, these apps make you feel reassured and relaxed about your child’s safe browsing habits on social media, and at the same time, there are numerous exciting games to play. They will get the same feeling and exposure as what it is like on social media and that with their parent’s supervision.


You can do the following on social media for kids:


  • You get to make friends
  • Create your style with avatar dressmaker
  • Loads of games to play
  • Play games with your new friends
  • On every accomplished level, you get prizes
  • Decorate your rooms the way you want
  • Dress your avatar with fashion creator
  • Add posts just like you do on Instagram and Facebook


You can change your character with a character creator and choose your outfit with the available costumes. These apps make the socializing experience for kids joyful. Parents can be assured as these apps take the security of kids very seriously. You don’t have to use your real names here. All the details are with utmost safety. Ensure that your child is not awake at night playing and scrolling. These apps get closed at night, lovely.

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These applications can become your kid’s best friend. These apps aim to make the social media experience as joyous, playful, and educational as possible.


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