If you’re considering buying a Tesla, it’s important to know what repair costs are covered with the Tesla Warranty. Repair bills on high-tech vehicles like Teslas can quickly rack up so it pays off in the long run to have some form of protection for your investment.

In this blog we review Tesla’s factory warranty (Tesla CPO warranty) and explain some options for extended car warranties which could increase peace of mind when owning a vehicle like this one. We’ve looked into three leading companies that offer these types of policies – often at discounted rates just because they’re specifically designed for luxury cars such as Teslas!

Tesla Extended Warranty

Tesla currently offers its Extended Service Agreement (ESA) for the Model S and Model X, not yet available on any other Tesla vehicle. It covers many parts of the car but does not cover batteries or Drive Units which are covered only by their original 8-year warranties with a new-car limited warranty expiring first. The ESA begins when your own newer car’s limited warranty expires, so you don’t have to worry about how old it is beforehand!

The Tesla extended warranty is worth it since there are no dealer markups. Here’s how the pricing works: if you buy a contract before or after 180 days of your vehicle being delivered, its at different rates. For example, if you purchase within 180-days of receiving delivery then coverage will cost $2100 for 4 years and 25k miles (a savings over regular prices), but this price increases to $2,600 if purchase after 180 days ($490 in additional costs).

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Tesla Vehicle  Purchased Within 180 Days  Purchased After 180 Days
Model S: 2 years/25,000 miles $2,100 $2,600
Model S: 4 years/50,000 miles $4,250 $4,750
Model X: 2 years/25,000 miles $2,400 $2,900
Model X: 4 years/50,000 miles $4,800 $5,300
Model 3 N/A N/A
Model Y N/A N/A

Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty

Tesla’s Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty will protect your vehicle from any malfunctions or defects with the battery. If something goes wrong, Tesla can repair it for you at no additional cost to you! Even if a replacement is needed, we make sure that the new one is just as good (or better!) than what was originally in there before anything went haywire!

Coverage varies depending on the model. Model S, for example is covered by Tesla’s Autopilot program with 8 years or unlimited miles (with the exception of older models). Other cars are typically only guaranteed up to 3-year warranties and 50K kilometers.

Model 3 with Long Range Battery -The Model 3 offers a range of battery options to suit your daily needs. For those who want the longest-lasting car on the market, you can opt for Tesla’s Long Range Battery which provides an 8 year or 120,000-mile warranty with at least 70% retention over that time span.

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Model X: Unlimited Miles

Model 3 with Standard or Mid-Range Battery – With the Model 3 you get a range of 8 years or 100,000 miles with minimum 70% retention of battery capacity over that time. You have two options: Standard Battery -8 yrs/100k mi; Mid-Range Battery – 8yr/120K mi (replaces 120d); Range extender configuration is not available on Long Range Battery.

This warranty covers damages from a battery fire in the extremely rare instance that one should occur, even when caused by user error. Owners are expected to install every new software update and comply with recall advisories as well as make all needed repairs while carrying passengers or cargo within specified limits.



Coverage begins the day your vehicle is put into service, and it can be transferred to subsequent owners at no additional cost. That means that even if you purchase a used car from someone else or buy one from a dealer, this will not increase the price of insurance coverage for you because transferable coverages are available with any new-car purchase.

How to ensure the warranty is transferred?

Tesla’s warranty relies on the model of car you purchased. If it is a Model 3, then your transferred warranties will not be honored when you sell to someone through private sale – regardless if they are newer or older than two years old (unless there was some sort of collision). Otherwise, Tesla should provide new owners with their terms at time-of-purchase and can also let them know about what type of warranty they have right now.

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Is an Extended Warranty Worth It for Tesla Vehicles?

When you buy a car, it’s nice to have some peace of mind knowing that anything can happen. When Elon Musk and his team at Tesla were developing the first generation electric cars they had many bugs to work out with their software making them unreliable in certain cases. For this reason, purchasing an extended warranty on your new vehicle is a great idea if you don’t want to pay deductibles or repair costs outright after the factory term expires – which could be as early as 6 years depending on where you live!

Extended Warranty Options for Tesla Owners

Tesla’s warranty is great, but there are other options that can be explored. Third-party manufacturers of extended warranties offer more flexibility than the manufacturer and often provide coverage to remember those little things you might not have considered when purchasing your vehicle. A few reasons why a third-party provider could prove beneficial include:

1) The 3rd party may cover something like window tinting or aftermarket accessories which normally would not fall under the factory’s warrantee – this gives consumers peace of mind knowing they’re covered in case anything were to happen;

2) They typically do NOT require contact with the dealership first before making an appointment, unlike most authorized dealerships requiring preapproval through them prior to scheduling.

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Know the best way to keep up with your car’s maintenance? Keep an eye out for a repair shop nearby, and make sure you’re covered under their plan. With more shops nationwide available than ever before, coverage plans are becoming cheaper too! Monthly payment options combined with additional deductible options will offer peace of mind in case anything happens on the road. And if it does happen while traveling – say you have no choice but to get that tire patched or windshield replaced.

To start, we should mention the high-tech and complex nature of Tesla vehicles. This is why there are only a limited number of extended warranty companies who can service them carefully and properly and offers coverage for multiple models.


Tesla vehicles are not cheap and when you’re thinking about what warranty is best for you, it’s important to know the difference between factory warranties and extended car warranties. Factory warranties cover repairs made at an authorized service center while extended car warranties might only cover parts or repair costs out of pocket if something goes wrong with your new vehicle. Do you have any more questions on this topic please share in comments below!


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