Almost every home buying journey begins online, with over 75% of buyers using their smartphones to discover their dream home, according to a NAR report. This drastic shift in consumer behavior has forced realtors to embrace technology and invest in online tools to attract potential customers.

Today, thousands of realtors in the United States have established a stellar online presence with dedicated business websites and mobile apps. These real estate mobile apps are super helpful in assisting home buyers in expediting their home buying process with advanced features like filters, virtual tours, and more.


Top 9 Features for Building a Successful Real Estate Mobile App


This blog will highlight nine key features that every real estate mobile app should have in 2022. So without further ado, let’s get started!


  1. Scope

An ideal real estate mobile app should have extensive scope for listed properties. The app’s database should include millions of properties, covering all the 54 states in the United States. Moreover, the listings should include all the necessary property details like size, photos, rooms, location, etc.

An ideal real estate mobile app and basic property details should indicate whether the listed properties can be financed into installments or require a one-time cash payment.

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  1. Estimation

There are a few real estate apps with the amazing price estimation feature, but their accuracy is not up to modern-day standards. The price estimation tool can help homebuyers and sellers get an estimated price for the property they want to buy/sell by filling in the information about the property.

Ideally, a real estate mobile app should show an estimated price for properties whose prices are not mentioned. This way, the sellers won’t be able to overcharge buyers and have to mention a competitive market price for their properties.


  1. Timely Updates

A real estate mobile app should instantly update the recently added or sold property listings. These timely updates prevent customers from getting frustrated from bidding on the properties sold. Delaying the status update can be a considerable risk for the real estate app development company as customers might feel exhausted.

An ideal real estate app must have strong policies to avoid duplicate listings. It should use advanced AI features to detect duplicate properties using pictures, property details, etc., and instantly reject the approval of the property submission.


  1. Online Auction

Online auction is an interesting feature to add to digital real estate. People from different states and countries could bid for the listed properties via the mobile app, and the potential buyer with the highest bid can take the property with them.

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While this feature looks fascinating, it is not as easy to implement as it might seem. To successfully add the online auction feature, real estate apps should allow filters only to enable legitimate buyers to bid on properties. Moreover, auctioneers must set a minimum price for which they will sell their property if no buyer bids for more.


  1. Advanced Filters

We have hundreds of real estate apps available today with filters like location, price, and the number of rooms. Although these basic filters can be helpful, there’s still room for improvement!

An ideal real estate app can have advanced filters like search via photo, search by neighborhood, price cap, and much more. These features can make a difference for home buyers and sellers and make the app stand out in the cut-throat market of real estate apps.


  1. Neighborhood Info


In modern-day real estate, having a convenient neighborhood is as essential as the property itself. Properties with lousy, unresourceful neighborhoods tend to attract fewer buyers and sell at lower prices than the market. Therefore, sellers do not share crucial information about the neighborhood, resulting in later disputes and stress for buyers.


Realtors can capitalize on this opportunity and add this feature to their real estate apps to avoid future disputes and streamline the home buying process for their users.

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  1. Push Notifications


Adding a ‘push notifications’ feature to real estate can eradicate the communication gaps between buyers and sellers. This feature can allow buyers and sellers to communicate more effectively without waiting for the other party to see the notification in-app and respond.


Moreover, home buyers can set up alerts for their desired property and allow the app to push notifications to their phones for specific properties instantly. It could save them a lot of time and effort.

  1. Platform Availability


An ideal real estate app should be available across every mobile platform like iOS and Android. Some great real estate apps are only available for Android or iOS devices.


Since the ratio of iOS users vs. Android users is almost 60/40, it’s necessary to make the app available for both iOS and Android devices. And it is not as overwhelming as it might seem! You don’t need to hire an iOS app development Los Angeles and an Android app development company separately for the app. Any cross-platform app development company can build separate apps for both platforms using a single code base.


  1. Intuitive User Interface

The last and probably the most crucial feature an ideal real estate app should have is an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface design. The user interface includes everything from design aesthetics to navigation and user-friendly screens.

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People ignore design that ignores people. To create an ideal real estate or any other mobile app, focusing on design and user interface should be prioritized before everything. The app should be self-explanatory and easy to use, regardless of the dozens of advanced features and search filters.


Wrapping Up…


An ideal real estate app should make it easier for users to get their dream home without extra effort. It should simply their home buying journey by enabling them to use pictures to search for similar properties. Moreover, it should prevent listing suspicious properties and introduce a seller rating program to avoid scamming users.



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