In this article, we explore if pay monthly web design is a good idea or whether the traditional model is better for your business. Traditionally, the way of getting a website online involves paying a designer a large sum of money upfront. You then have a finished site that is 100% yours and you can pay a designer additional fees for updates when wanted. Though this works well for some businesses, it is certainly not an attractive prospect for many. In fact, pay monthly web design is proving increasingly popular for a number of reasons. But first …

What is pay monthly web design exactly?

Pay monthly web design involves you paying a fixed monthly fee for your website, as opposed to paying for it all upfront. Depending on which agency you work with, their policies might vary on site ownership. However, the typical agreement is that, as long as you make the first 12 monthly payments, the website is then 100% yours even if you stop your monthly payments afterwards.

By working with a good monthly website development agency, you can also access free monthly updates to keep your site modern and fresh. They can host it for you and also help you in case anything goes wrong. In comparison, if you buy your website outright, it is usually your own responsibility to handle all of these things.

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What are the benefits of pay monthly web design?

Compared to the typical web design route, the pay monthly model offers a number of significant benefits. This includes:

  • Not having to pay such a large up-front fee
  • Knowing that someone is there offering daily maintenance support
  • Your site will be updated regularly all throughout the year
  • You still get a website that is just as high quality as buying it outright
  • You have the chance to add additional packages to your payment plan (eCommerce SEO)
  • Save money by not having to pay large sums for monthly updates


Deciding if pay monthly web design is right for you

If you are in the process now of choosing a design agency for your website, you should consider both the pros and cons of monthly web design. Weigh both sides of the coin to decide whether it is truly right for you. Some of the disadvantages of pay monthly web design include:

  • You will need to ensure you have suitable funds each month to pay for the site
  • You don’t own the website until you make a set number of payments
  • The total price in the long term might work out more than paying upfront

Ultimately, making the right decision means analysing your exact website needs and also your financial situation. If you need a website today in order to start promoting your small business and generating income, then pay monthly might be your best avenue. Alternatively, if you have large cash reserves and like the piece of mind knowing your site will not need changing soon, then feel free to buy one outright.

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