As we all know, the Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is one of the most hilarious movies of the Ice Age Franchise. The witty one-liners and pop-culture jokes by this one-eyed animated character are surely going to make you roll on the floor laughing and gasping for air. The Ice Age Adventure of Buck Wild mainly talks about two risk-takers possum brothers named Crash and Eddie. The movie starts with both brothers deciding to run away in the pursuit of happiness and head to the Lost World to experience Independence. But their joy is short-lived as they get caught in a massive cave underground where they see a One-Eyed Weasel and Dino hunter Buck Wild locking horns to become the ruler of the lost world. Sooner or later, they get rescued by one of Buck’s team members. Once rescued, the story unfolds of how to fight the wild and rowdy dinosaurs together and protect the Lost World. They also keep learning a lot of lessons as they move on the path of saving the Lost World. 

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Little Details about the Movie:

Date of Release 28th January 2022 (North America) 25th March 2022 (Europe, Asia, Pacific)
Original Language of Movie English 
Genre Animated, Adventurous, and Family
Directed by John C. Donkin
Co-Director Marshall Fels Elliott
Produced By Jim Hecht Ray DeLaurentis William Schifrin
Music By Batu Sener 
Production Studios / Production House Walt Disney Pictures  20th Century Animation (Animation Services) 20th Century Studios (Uncredited)   
Time Span 1 hour 21 minutes (81 Minutes) 
Cast   – Simon Pegg as Buck Wild – Crash, Played by Vincent Ting  – Eddie, Played by Aaron Harris  – Orson Played by Utkarsh Ambudkar  – Manny, Played by Sean Kenin – Sid Played by Jake Green  – Diego, Played by Skyler Stone  – Ellie, Played by Dominique Jennings
Ice Age Franchise Ice Age (15th March 2002) Ice Age: The Meltdown (31st March 2006) Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (1st July 2009) Ice Age: Continental Drift (13th July 2012) Ice Age: Collision Course (22nd July 2016) The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild (28th January 2022)

Ice Age Adventure of Buck Wild Movie Rating & Review

Now, coming to share with you all the reviews that we have got from our users and other streaming platforms. 

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Platform Rating
IMDb 4.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes 23% 30
Gadgets 360 degree 3.5/5


The movie was released on 28th January 2022 and was aired on the OTT streaming platform Disney + Hotstar. It’s a 3D Computer animated adventure comedy that has efficaciously managed to keep the audience glued to the screen. The first three movies created a lot of fan base among the users and the same fan base can be seen in the fourth and the fifth series.  

However, there was one major concerning and disappointing factor of the movie among its fans and that was the fact that all the prominent characters from the previous movies were not involved or even talked about in this one. In addition to this, the storyline was unusual and the comic timings of the animated characters were bang on. All the jokes and one-liners are surely going to make your stomach ache of laughing, making the movie interesting and entertaining.

Apart from the things mentioned above, there were a lot of unusual comedy and animated things as well. One of them was the matter that the size of the majority of the dinosaurs in the movie was around the same size as mammals. The animation in the movie has been significantly realistic and the characters had a convincing feel and touch to the movie. Calling itself a Family entertainer, the movie also appealed a lot of adults who remembered the Ice Age Franchise as one of the greatest movies of their time. 

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To put it into the simplest of words, this movie is made for the younger audience, primarily the kids who would love to see the smooth animation of the jungle and the animals. However, if you are someone who loved watching animated movies and are a fan of some goofy humour then this is the movie for you. 


The story starts with introducing new characters and forgetting the old ones entirely. The things that shocked the viewers were not having the presence of the old starts, i.e., Sid the Sloth, Mannie and Ellie, the mammoths, and the best of all, Diego, the saber tooth tiger. However, none of these old characters were present in the latest movie. 

This movie carries the original idea of the Franchise of always expecting the Possum brothers to cause the house of trouble and fall into chaos. The same is followed in this film. The two brothers Crash, and Eddie leave their house in the quest of having Independence from their family and live their life according to their own terms. As they go out to do this, they find a large crack in the ice surface and through which they enter the Lost World. The Lost World is technically known as the world of the last dinosaurs, and they remember Ellie asking them to restrain themselves from going there. And as we all know, their curiosity and restlessness land them in the Lost World, where Orson attacks them. Orson is a big-brained brilliant Diano. The character of Orson was played by Utkarsh Ambudkar. Amidst everything, one of their old friends becomes their hope and saves them from the attack. The old friend is the gallant weasel Buck Wild that is played by Simon Pegg and is the main hero character of the story. Their joy of living independently is short-lived as they come to terms with the fact that Orson plans to control the Dino paradise. This information is passed to them by Buck. 

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At this point in time, the viewers come in support of superheroes and also become aware that their villain, i.e., the dinosaur, has a large brain and thus has more capability and is cleverer as compared to other dinosaurs. The entire storyline is capable enough to keep the old fans and viewers hooked to the screen. As the movie progresses, there are a lot of twists and turns that take place. Eventually, they keep fighting with big-headed dinosaurs to protect the Dino world and not let him take it over. In the course of time, they learn a lot of things about life and so many life lessons that they feel and express a lot of things. 

Was Orson Defeated? Do Ellie and Crash stay back in the lost world? Is the Ice Age franchise coming with a new part?

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Our Verdict

If you were to ask us, we would say that the movie holds the charisma the older movies of the franchise have had and surely brings in a new perspective to the old viewers. However, it misses out on the purest and most loved animal character of the movie, i.e., Scrat. All the Old Ice Age movie fans know Scrat, the say-eyed and small animal that is loved and wants to be seen by everyone.  The only point where the movie lacked is that if they had to eliminate the old characters, they could have planned a storyline giving the old characters a proper and nice farewell or maybe linking the old characters to the newer ones. 

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