Engaging in sports is an excellent way to participate in a physical activity good for your overall well-being and also helps you be involved in a competitive event. However, this comes at a cost as your injury risks are high due to muscle, tendon, and joint overuse and exposure. Fortunately, expert medical practitioners such as J. Michael Bennett, MD, PA, a Sugar Land sports medicine specialist, are dedicated to helping you get the care you deserve. But why sports medicine specifically? Look at the following benefits you get to enjoy as an athlete.

You Get Exclusive Care

Unlike other common doctors who can deal with your ordinary conditions, sports medicine providers are well trained and equipped to handle specific sports-related complications. This area of medicine specializes in offering care to patients who are often exposed to sports-related injuries. This means that they have the absolute capability to manage your condition and avoid future complications. Besides, the care you receive is high-quality, with different treatment options designed to offer you total recovery. You can check physiotherapy in the Gold Coast.

For Maintenance and Preventative Care

Preventative care is another added advantage of seeking sports medicine over other healthcare fields. You do not have to be injured to see a sports medicine practitioner. Sports medicine offers an excellent opportunity to learn how you can avoid sports-related injuries. Remember that the practitioner is highly trained in this field and will help you identify the weak areas of your body that may increase your chances of injuries. Through instructions and advice, you can learn to prevent the injuries from occurring or reoccurring after treatment.

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Get New and Innovative Treatment Options

Unlike other medical fields, sports medicine offers advanced treatment options such as stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to help you get back on your game. This is through the understanding that as an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, you want to do whatever you can as soon as possible to get back to your favorite activity. A sports medicine practitioner understands that and looks forward to helping you achieve that. Your injured areas can be restored and revitalized through innovative treatment options to increase your healing and take less time for recovery.

Improve Your Performance

Unlike other health practitioners who will only address your injuries, a sports medicine practitioner can help heighten your performance while also managing your condition. They understand your body and the role every part is involved in depending on your activity. Your provider can look for ways to improve your abilities and customize training plans and programs according to your strengths and weaknesses.

Your sports medicine provider can also act as your trainer. Combining the customized workout plan, sports psychology, and dietary suggestions, your provider can provide motivation and self-discipline. These are vital to your success, and you can achieve improved endurance, muscle building, and weight loss.

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Treatment Options

Some of the sports injury treatments include:

  • Protection options such as applying wraps, bandages, and splints
  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation
  • Medications
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Physical therapy
  • Minimal invasive surgery
  • Surgery

Sports medicine benefits cannot be overstated. As an athlete, you require specialized care from a practitioner who well understands your needs. Reach out to Dr. J. Michael Bennett today and get the quality care you deserve. Let nothing stop you from enjoying the activities you love.


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