Selling a property a property is one of the most important transactions you will ever make. Whether you are moving to a new city or you are a property investor looking to sell fast, consider hiring a reliable real estate agent.  Unfortunately, many home sellers think that for sale by owner, (FSBO), will save thousands of dollars because they will not pay the commission. However, this is not true, and so you need to engage a seller’s agent.

So, why hire a real estate agent to sell your property?

 In this post, we look at important reasons home sellers need to engage a professional and qualified real estate agent to help them in the home selling process.

1.    Sell Your Property Faster!

When you engage a real estate agent to sell your property, chances are that your property will sell faster. Consider that real estate agents are networked, which increases the chances of finding a referral from their networks. On the other hand, FSBO means you have a thinner network, as only your friends and family might know you are selling the property. To sell the property faster, we advice that you leverage the wider network of real estate agent, which is by hiring a reliable real estate agent.

2.    Attract Several Qualified Buyers

A real estate agent meets more than one potential property buyer. Besides, the real estate agent knows where to advertise the property, in order to attract multiple qualified buyers. Therefore, when you engage the real estate agent, you can rest assured that every viewing, is by a qualified buyer. This is because the real estate agents understand how to qualify buyers, and even where to find these potential buyers. Consider that the agents work with mortgage brokers, and so they have hints of who intends to purchase a property, and even the type of property that person might be looking to purchase. Ultimately, you will be meeting several qualified buyers, increasing the chances of selling the property faster.

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3.    Earn Higher Profits

So far, we have seen that working with a real estate agent, means you are exposed to a wider network of real estate agents, and at the same time attracting several qualified buyers. Therefore, your property starts attracting offers from multiple potential buyers. This means that you have the ability to choose the highest bidder. Ultimately, you will earn higher profits from the sale. On the other hand, FSBO limits your chances of attracting high bids from the potential sellers. That means you might even sell the property at below the current market rates.

4.    Enjoy Professional Advice

The process of selling a property involves multiple processes. For first time property sellers, you may not be aware of these processes. Therefore, this means you are likely to make mistakes, resulting to a huge loss. However, an experienced real estate agent understands every step when selling a property. That means you will save your time and resources, as you know there is an experienced expert who you can count on when it comes to decision making, and even finding a trusted property buyer.

5.    Saves Your Money

As explained above, there are several parts to complete when selling a property. For instance, you may want to list the property, and even advertise widely, hoping to attract a potential buyer. All these processes come at a cost to the property seller. While you could recover the cost from the sale, you may end up overpricing the property, or even never find a buyer.

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However, when a real estate agent is there, you save the cost of advertising the property, and even the amount you need to pay to list the property. This is considering that professional real estate agents will list the properties for sale in their websites, and even on MLS under their account. Besides, professional real estate agents will advertise the property on different networks, attracting buyers sooner than you expect.

Thus, by hiring the real estate agent, you not only sell the property faster, but also you save a huge amount of money. To enjoy the benefit, hire an experienced real estate agent.

6.    Save Time And Focus On Other Things

The process of selling a property is an important thing. However, there are other important things waiting on your to-do list. For instance, you could want to treat your family to a summer holiday, or even focus on the upcoming investments. The reality is that the process of selling a home can be time consuming.  For instance, you may receive calls from a buyer who saw the little FSBO poster at the gate, and wants to view the property in the next hour. That means you have to sacrifice what you were doing, to attend to the viewing request.

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If you have a real estate agent, you enjoy peace of mind, and you can focus on the important things as they occur. Thus, if it is that holiday, or may be more investments you want to spend time on, you can do so without worrying about the property on sale. The professional real estate agents have all the time to attend to the potential property buyers, and will call you when the deal is about to go through. Therefore, rather than experience the hassle of selling a home, trust a real estate agent near you.

7.    Sell The Property At Current Market Value

A real estate agent understands the local real estate market better than you think you do. Consider that the real estate agent has been in the market for years, and so knows the best time to sell a property. Besides the real estate agent understands when the property could attract maximum profits.

Therefore, when you hire an agent you do not have to worry about overpriced or underpriced property. You will sell the property at the current market rates, and attract maximum profits from the sale.


Are you selling your property? We have looked at the various reasons to hire an experienced real estate agent. Therefore, rather than FSBO plan, look for a reliable and trusted real estate agent near you.

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