Water is an irreplaceable resource that our body needs. In order for the cells, organs, and tissues in your body to function properly, you need to have adequate hydration levels. To maintain it, we drink the recommended volume of water in a day. But what if the tap water that you’re drinking at home is unsafe?

Did you know that in contrast to popular belief, the type of water you drink can also have a significant impact on you? For example, a person that needs additional electrolytes needs to have them infused in the water that he or she drinks. Similarly, if you want the purest H2O to circulate your entire body, you might want to quit drinking water from the tap and start drinking purified water.

In this article, we will discuss various reasons why purified drinking water is the best water for you.

What Is A Purified Water?

Purified water is produced using tap or groundwater that undergoes a filtration process in order for specific impurities that include chemicals, toxins, and contaminants to be separated from the water itself, leaving it clean and potable.

There are various ways that the water is purified, either commercially or in individual houses. In residential areas, they install water purifiers and directly source their water from the faucet. In contrast, large-scale water purification systems use larger machinery to accommodate higher volumes coming from commercial clients like the local wholesale bottled water distributor.

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Both government regulations and international conventions dictate the standards of drinking water worldwide. Still, generally, western countries usually make sure that they purify public drinking water to make it safe for human consumption.

There are numerous ways that water is purified, but as a rule of thumb, these are the following treatment that the water undergoes for purification:

Coagulation and flocculation

It is where sediment clumps together as “floc” to filter out visible contaminants. This is done by adding positively charged chemicals to the water to bind with its impurities.


This process takes place shortly after coagulation and flocculation. This happens when the “floc” becomes heavier and eventually sinks, settling to the bottom.


After the impurities have settled at the bottom of the container, the treated water undergoes a series of filtration processes using gravel, sand, and charcoal. This process removes all contaminants from the water.


This process includes the addition of chlorine to effectively kill traces of bacteria and viruses that may have survived the process that preceded.

After the entire purification process, various impurities are removed from the water, including strains of bacteria, fungi, algae parasitic worms, heavy metals, and other chemicals.

What Are The Health Benefits of Purified Bottled Water?

Although some tap water in various places is potable, we cannot deny the fact that this may still include traces of contaminants that may threaten your health and your family. To avoid these risks, opting for purified drinking water is the way to go, and more than that, it holds a series of health benefits that might interest you to switch the water you drink.

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Promotes Healthier Skin

Drinking purified bottled water will reduce the risk of health-related issues and help you achieve healthy glowing skin. In a research published in Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology, they suggested that there is a correlation between the person’s hydration and skin appearance. Their findings suggest that people with low water intake experience positive effects on their skin after increasing water consumption and maintaining hydration levels.

However, the research emphasizes that excessive hydration may not have an additional effect on the person’s skin. They added that the ideal water intake should be around 13 cups for men while 9 cups for females. Moreover, customwater.com has a lot to offer when it comes to high quality bottled water.

Promotes scalp and hair health

Drinking an adequate amount of water virtually supports a person’s overall hair health. It helps with the brittle texture of the hair as well as promotes a healthy scalp and prevents it from being dry and itchy. Like the skin, water nourishes the cells in the scalp and the hair strands, which encourages the healthier growth of hair.

Strengthens Your Body

Strengthening your body necessitates you to be active and do physical activities like running, walking, swimming, and the like. As you should know, hydrating yourself comes along with doing minimal or rigorous activities. As a rule of thumb, you need to replenish fluid and electrolytes that are lost after sweating.

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The recommended water intake of an individual greatly depends on how intense the activity is, along with other factors such as weight, age, and metabolism.

Besides being the best way to avoid getting dehydrated, drinking water can also help energize the muscles, Lubricate joints, and help you with the recovery process after every workout.

Helps in Food Digestion

Keeping hydrated with purified drinking water can also help you with your gut health. Besides keeping your cool during hot weather, water can also encourage proper digestion by breaking down the food you eat and allowing the optimum absorption of nutrients.

Ultimately, water can also support the functions of the kidney, aids in waste elimination through perspiration, defecation & urination, and help improve the overall intestinal health.

Encourages a Higher Intake of Water

Drinking your water will help your body get accustomed to keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day. If you are struggling with keeping your hydration levels adequate, starting the entire process with a gradual water intake will most definitely help in the long run once your body gets used to it.

Final Takeaway

Clean drinking water is very important to the overall health of an individual, and with purified drinking water, we are essentially reducing the risk of consuming unpotable waters and will virtually remove contaminants like fungi, bacteria, algae, and heavy metals from the equation, leaving you with only the recorded benefits that purified bottles water can provide.

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Remember that the water quality varies from one locale to another, so it is imperative that you do your own diligence and research the water quality in your community.


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