Ask any ardent Friends fan why they like it, and you won’t be able to make a concrete decision.


Because a series that has so many emotions attached to it will never see rational reasoning, so, if you are planning to get some rational reasoning, then you will be mildly disappointed.


Note that the excerpt below wouldn’t have rational and logical reasoning with points of pros and cons to convince you to watch Friends.


Not that it wouldn’t have any reasoning, but it will also have heartfelt comments and pour of emotions and tears from a fan. Psychologically inducing one’s emotional quotient is more effective in convincing someone.


So, by the end of the article, if you are convinced that you need to watch this masterpiece, then our work is done here. You should download it for free from the pirate bay.

What Is Friends?

Friends in the 90s sitcom created by David Crane and Martha Kauffman, with a fairly new cast ensemble. However, the creators were so confident with their work that they took the cast to a public club before the first episode was about to air.


They were told to enjoy their invisibility the last time because, after that day, they wouldn’t be able to enter another club without being crowded by fans.

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Boy! Weren’t they right!


Friends became a sensation, even after airing between already successful shows like Seinfield, and the cult following still continues. The prediction was quite the premonition because it skyrocketed the careers of David Schimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc, and Mattew Perry.


They surely cannot enter a club without a bunch of fans crowding.


The show was a comical relief to all the troubles and problems that come with adulting in our 20s and how important having a bunch of misfits friends are.


Friends is not just a sitcom; it is that one show which gave us endless life lessons through laughter, and not to mention even became the go-to medicine for our anxiety and depression.

The Specialty

Now many might ask-


What is so special about six people sitting around a coffee house with large coffee mugs?




Starting from all the goofy conversations they had, which sometimes made us think how could six bunch of adults be so dim-witted.


The coffee orders!


Rachel waitressing, and the sheer humor which came from those episodes! Plus, the lesson of quitting a job which you are not enjoying and you are not good at. To give ourselves the fear of looking for another job.

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The Chandler & Janice breakups were so out of the world that you would be stuck to the screen holding your stomach from the laughter.


There was even a point when Ross dates Janice for a while. (Seriously, they needed to stop exchanging partners, but the humor was all worth it).


There were a lot of memories that these six made in that coffee shop and dragged us alongside.



Throughout the ten seasons, we never asked why they always automatically got the big couch without any reservation. Oh! Maybe there was this one episode in season 3.


The reason why Friends became so special is that it gave us memories as well. It was like we were with them, whether it was the Central Park coffee shop, the purple apartment of Monica and Rachel, or the Joey and Chandler’s bachelor joint with the Barchalounger.


They gave us memories to cherish as well!

Friends & Progressiveness

Here are some of the times when we loved Friends because of its progressive ideas.


– Shows an open lesbian wedding in the 90s.

– Showing a marriage with a huge age difference between Alice and Frank Jr. Jr. (Phoebe’s brother).

– Showing the beauty of surrogacy motherhood.

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– Showing the normality in adopting children when you have a fertility issue and how motherhood is really the feeling and not just the biology.

– It even beautifully normalized single mothers at wedlock and two friends bringing up their child.


Friends introduced us to a different dimension of life, where friendship is the greatest romance. This was when everyone craved friends like these six, forgetting about the romance from the romcoms.


It made history!


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