Football accumulators, also referred to as ACCAs, are any combination of bet which has about four or more legs played together. Football accumulators provide a simple and effective way to turn your little cash into big profit. For a bet to be considered an accumulator bet, then it must have four or more legs. By combining a number of bets from different football games (legs) into one accumulator bet, this multiplies the odd of each game providing a larger odd. Doubles or trebles cannot be referred to as accumulators. To win an ACCA, all the legs selected must win; even if just one of the selection loses, the whole ACCAs has lost. Although there is a little amount of risk involved, the reward is massive if all the games eventually win. You can place an ACCA bet by following the steps below:

  • Log into your account after you’ve opened the bookmaker page.
  • Select a sport you want to bet on and select an event.
  • Add the exact market you find interesting to your bet slip.
  • Continue the second and third step until you have gathered at least four legs, it could be more.
  • Check the bet slip to find the ACCA box where you can enter the stake amount.
  • Finally click on “place bet” button once you are done and you are satisfied with your ACCA selections.
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What are the Pros and Cons of Football Accumulators?

There are advantages as well as disadvantages involved in using the accumulator bet. The advantage of using an accumulator bet is very limited. The basic benefit is that ACCAs odds are usually high and this means a higher winning potential, unlike betting on just singles or doubles. The bookies provide a great amount of money on the ACCAs, this is because for one to win, all of the legs of the bet must enter for someone to win. This condition makes the bookies offer a considerable high odd with a high price as well; this means that with accumulator bets there are bigger earnings.

Another major advantage of accumulator bet is that individuals are more interested in this kind of bet because it is more interesting than singles. One can combine different sports and markets into one bet so that you can make most of your predictions.

The high risk involved in the ACCA is one of its major disadvantages. This simply means that all the legs must win for you to win the wager i.e. even if four out of five bets enters you have lost the bet as all legs must enter for the game to be considered successful. Experienced players make use of different strategies in order to win in the game. Many players involved usually choose platforms that offer ACCA insurance.

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ACCA Insurance

The ACCA insurance provides players with the option to win an ACCA bet even when one of the leg is lost. This option is used by experienced players because even when they lose one of their selected legs, they won’t lose the whole bet. The following bookmakers provide ACCA insurance and ACCA odds that can help you make good earnings:

  • BetVictor
  • William Hill
  • Ladbrokes
  • Unibet
  • Coral

Tips for Placing Accumulator Bets For the new players in the ACCAs

The following advice will help avoid mistakes that would have led to losing money:

  • Do not select a very high number of legs on your bet slip. Four or five or maybe six is enough, because the higher the number of legs selected the higher the risk involved. Limit the ACCA legs to a minimum so as to limit the risk involved.
  • Research and play only profitable legs in your ACCA which will increase your chances of winning.
  • Use a bookie which offers ACCA bonuses such as cashback, insurance, bet boosts, etc. This platform will prevent you from losing big.
  • You might not always win, so there is need to be patient.

In conclusion, the ACCAs are very popular among punters, even those with little experience. Its high reward attracts bettors of all kinds to try out. Some other bookies also offer ACCA bonuses which are attractive to new customers and promises to provide them with an exciting experience

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