Are you excited about your new home? Of course, the answer is “yes”, and now it is time to fill up your “New Home” with all the necessary appliances.

In today’s busy
life, the time you are spending on household chores and its routines are completely
precious. So, for this reason, the home appliances are specially designed to
handle your day-to-day machine life without depending on anyone. All the basic appliances
are time savers and it is very easy to set it up at home.

What is a Home Appliance?

Home appliances are electrical or mechanical appliances which are used for basic household functions like cooking, cleaning, preserving food, exercising, purifying, and many others. you can check appliance reviews.

Importance of Home Appliances

Home appliances
play an important role in modern life. Everyone’s wish is to complete their routine
work as fast as possible. Most people cannot really imagine living without
basic appliances because these appliances make their life easier, comfortable, and
most importantly, save a lot of time. Technology and innovations have helped
develop user friendly household appliances.

As per Homeplace, here
are some basic and essential appliances that you should have in your new home. Broadly,
you could categorize home appliances into two broad types.

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1.Basic Kitchen Appliances

Home cooking is always best, but the preparation is time-consuming
and sometimes it is a tedious process. By having the right list of basic
kitchen appliances, you can cook food easier and of course tasty, and healthy
too. Here are some must-have appliances in your kitchen.

  • Stove/Cook-Top

This is the major appliance in the
kitchen because it helps to cook, boil the food faster and easier. Stoves are available
in two forms – a Gas Stove and an Electric stove.

Cooking on a Gas stove is cheaper
when compared to electric stove cooking. In gas cooking, you are able to adjust
the heat supply depending upon the food you are cooking. But in electric stove,
cooking while maintaining proper heat supply is really challenging. When it comes
to cleaning the stove, electric stove is more comfortable to clean than a gas

Finally, when purchasing a new stove if
you have any confusion between electric or gas stove, choose what you are most
comfortable in cooking. If you are worried about cooking on open flame then go
for an electric stove. On the other hand, if you manage to cook on open flame
then a gas stove is best. The choice is completely in your hand.

  • Pressure Cooker
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Is there any other kitchen item that
is often used in a kitchen than a pressure cooker? When you are cooking in a busy
morning, a pressure cooker reduces the cooking time by 70% compared to open
flame cooking. Cooking food in a pressure cooker retains all the natural
flavors and of course, richness of the food. But handling the pressure cooker
is challenging and tricky because of steam process cooking. Once you become a master
in this equipment then your cooking time and the process of cooking becomes
easier and faster.

  • Refrigerator

It is the basic must-have appliance
in your kitchen. The main reason for having a refrigerator at home is to
preserve food and to keep the food cold. The cold temperature in the refrigerator
helps to keep food fresh for a longer time. It is also used to store fruits,
veggies, dairy products, and many other edible items. Most importantly you do
not have to worry about leftover foods; you can also store that in a

  • Electric Kettle

An electric kettle can heat water at any
temperature. Once it reaches the particular temperature it automatically cuts-off
the power supply. It has manual and automatic temperature control as well. It
is one of the best appliances to start your day with a hot cup of tea, coffee,
or even warm water. Apart from tea, coffee – you can also make soup, instant
noodles, boil pasta, instant pasta, and more!

  • Mixer Grinder
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In many recipes, there is a need for different
kinds of pastes and different varieties of ground spices. Having a mixer
grinder in the kitchen reduces the manual work and also can save you lot of cooking
time. It is very helpful for preparing purees, fruit juices or smoothies, and
with any sort of mixing, grinding or mincing.

2.Basic Major Appliances

Apart from kitchen appliances, other major home appliances play an equally
important role in maintaining your new home. Thousands of other appliances are
there and you do not need to have everything in your home, but you can select
basic essential appliances wisely specifically to meet the requirements of your
new home. Here are a few essential major appliances that you should add to your
list to have in your new home:

  • Washing Machine

Earlier people used to wash their
clothes using their hands which was not only time consuming but would leave
your parents or grandparents exhausted. Washing clothes in the washing machine
not only saves time but also saves you from the physical hard work involved in washing
by your hands. The best thing about a washing machine is that it cleans the
clothes without making any damage to the fabric if used properly

  • Vacuum Cleaner
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To make your cleaning easier and
effective, a vacuum cleaner plays an important role because it pulls out dirt
and dust easily and effectively when compared to a broom. It is a one-stop
solution for all your cleaning tasks like floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, car
cleaning, dusting, especially in corners. With a good wet and dry
vacuum cleaner, you do not have to spend much time cleaning the
accumulated dust in your new home.

  • Air Conditioner

Can you imagine a hot summer without air

If your home is situated at a very
hot place, an air conditioner is an absolute must. Even if you have a fan or cooler
you would not be comfortable when there is a high temperature. In such a case, an
air conditioner can cool your home and create comfortable surroundings to make
you feel much better. Apart from cooling, it improves the air quality inside
the room and also maintains the coolness for a long period. Smart air
conditioners nowadays come with intelligence and efficient power consumption so
that you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill.

  • Television

Today television is one of the top
must-have appliances in every home. If you have just moved to a new home,
television is absolutely indispensable to spend a day without boredom. It is
the best source for both entertainment and education tools. Millions of people
all over the world watch television for entertainment, news, weather updates,
to watch sports live, education, music, and videos. Also, it keeps you updated
on the latest news around the world. It also serves educational purposes where
your child can watch certain programs to improve his or her knowledge.

  • Water Heater
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Nowadays water heater is
becoming must-have appliances for every home. Imagine, in the winter season if
you do not have hot water all time. Heating the water on a gas or stove might
end up consuming a lot of time. The water heater provides a constant supply of
hot water whenever you want. Maintenance is very important to get enough hot
water supply throughout. However, water heaters are inexpensive, easy to
maintain, and well-maintained water heater can last long.

Final Thoughts

Just moving into a new home can be exciting and when you have all the right appliances set up, it makes your life so much easy. There are several other appliances you could opt for your new home depending on your exact requirement and lifestyle.


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