Vlone is the world wide brand established in 2011 ,Harlem which is city of New York. The New York is consider the center of fashion and style. The Vlone has change the trend of fashion but not change the tradition. All the member of this brand is belong to the field of rappe and pop and abilities to success this brand. Vlone hoodies.
This brand is mange by American rapper Jabari Shelton also known as ASAP Bari. The Vlone brand become commercially successful. All the Vlone marches has famous by V logo. The ‘V’ Logo is print in different style and design on front and back of the products. This brand become more popular among young boys and girls.

The color of the Logo is depends on the color of fabrics. If the color of fabrics is red so the logo color must be in black or white because it more shine on stuff.
The word Vlone stand for live alone and die alone. It is also universal truth that you come alone and also die alone. So it is clear that no friend and family member live with you forever. The fabrics use to made the accessories are cotton.

Who created vlone?

When the query arises, “who made Vlone hoodies,” the primary call that pops up in our thoughts is a well-known hip-hop band ASAP MOB. Out of many initiatives of ASAP mob apparel line, Vlone logo apparel sticks out and were given popularity. This logo is owned via way of means of Jabari Shelton, founding father of ASAP MOB, additionally called ASAP Bari, ASAP Rocky, and Edison Chen of CLOT. In an interview, ASAP Bari discovered that the definition of vlone logo is all approximately teamwork; nobody is above every other in position, and all and sundry contributes of their way. Bari become the primary head of this logo and accelerated it in addition with Edison Chen’s support, the fashion dressmaker of the vlone apparel lineup. ASAP Rocky, additionally a member of the Asap mob and a rapper, beautify logo popularity in 2014 while he teased manufacturers t-blouse in his tours.

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Meaning of Vlone:

Vlone isn’t always only a brand. It’s a life-style: “Live alone, Die alone.” “We’re born alone; we stay alone; we die alone. Only via our love and friendship are we able to create the phantasm for the instant that we’re now no longer alone.” In a easy statement, we are able to summarize the that means of vlone life-style as “you stay alone, you die alone.” It is a religion, a life-style, now no longer only a garb brand, and those adapt to that life-style. The concept of vlone represents its creators’ minds, life-style, thinking, and culture “Live vlone, Die vlone.” Just just like the ASAP mob is a collective of various people, the Vlone series represents one of a kind lifestyles. This brand’s proposal is the freestyle style of Harlem streets, an area from which Bari and Rocky come from. As Bari says: “What I do is taking Harlem and bringing it elsewhere.” TECH

Vlone Hoodies;

The Vlone hoodies are the best products of this brand. The colors of hoodies more elegant and beautiful. The ‘V’ Logo are print on the front and also in the back of hoodies. The color of logo is different as compare to the color of fabrics. The ideal color is white and black hold the attention of customers. The cotton and mixture of flees are use to made the hoodies. The hoodies use in summer are comfortable because the air pass through. And the hoodies are use in cold weather is maintain your body temperature and keep it warm. The zipper hoodies also available in Vlone Merch. The sleeve shirts and sweat shirts also attached with hoodies which increase the beauty of hoodies. The huge stock is ready for sale in Vlone Merch.

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Vlone shirts;

Vlone shirts are available in long sleeve and in T-shirts. The art on the shirt is attract to the peoples. If we talk about the quality of stuff ,all the shirts made by cotton, comfortable to wear and soft and smooth. Officially prefer cotton over other fabrics because it is weatherproof and durable fabric. We can say that Vlone shirt have excellent screen printing surfaces.


Vlone wallpaper are highlight your phone screen and desktop screen. These wallpaper look natural scene. These wallpaper built for android as well as for I phone. You can easily add the wallpaper in your phone gallery and change current wallpaper as per your mood. Vlone wallpaper are look eye-catching when they appear on your mobile or laptop screen. Vlone wallpaper include ,friend wallpaper, black wallpaper, logo wallpaper, Vlone hoodies . cleekdigital
Payment method on Vlone;
The Vlone Merch offer the customers to pay your amount in different way such that
American card
Master card
Diners card
In addition you can also paying your bill on PayPal and the member ship is not compulsory you can only select ‘checkout with PayPal.


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