What is Ping Submission?

There are many SEO tools, and Ping submission is one of them. It is the mechanism of sending auto-generated notifications to the engine spider. It keeps them updated about the crawling activity. Many people are gaining an understanding of what is ping submission in SEO these days. Bulk ping services help the website owners to get the count of web crawlers due to the backlinks that were created.


It can help in gaining a better ranking in organic search results, which is the ultimate goal of SEO marketing. Therefore many SEO professionals are investing in learning pinging,  so that they can enhance their business and range. There are many pinging sites that submit your blog spot or website’s URL address. It is advised not to ping the same URL to various pinging tools for more than 2-4 times. This won’t entail any benefits.


Benefits of ping submission?

It is an excellent way of keeping yourself updated with the counts of backlink crawlers on your website or blog. Well, there are other benefits of getting the hang of what is ping submission. Some of them are:


  • It helps in increasing site indexing.
  • This helps in improving the ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).
  • This is a safe and secure method of SEO.
  • It helps in increasing the website domain authority.
  • You are free to post so many pings at one time.
  • This is a great method of generating good backlinks.
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Not all backlinks will be indexed

I’ve had hundreds of clients complain to me about their backlinks not showing up in checkers after I finished the work.  They even went as far as filing complaints against me through PayPal and getting their money back since PayPal doesn’t really protect you if you sell a digital service.


Not all of your backlinks will show up in these free backlink checkers, they won’t even show up all the time in the paid ones, because those checkers will only show the backlinks that have been indexed.  You can use bulklink to help increase your indexing rate, but if your backlinks are low-quality garbage built with outdated software, you’re not going to get indexed regardless.


Focus on high-quality backlinks, ping them, watch them get indexed quicker than usual.


Your backlinks will likely have been seen

Even if your backlinks aren’t getting indexed, at least they’re getting seen by the search engines after you ping them.  The search engine spiders will come to the link, browse around the page that was pinged, and see all the links that are there.  Your links will have been seen, but that doesn’t mean they will have been indexed, because it all boils down to what is on the page and does it provide value to anyone searching on the engines you’re trying to rank on.

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If you’re building 1,000,000 profile backlinks and using your main keyword “Dog Training” you probably won’t see any of those links get indexed.  This is because someone who is looking for a dog training class or manual doesn’t want to land on your profile with a backlink to another website, and that’s why your backlink hasn’t been indexed in the SERPs.


In conclusion

Using a mass ping site like bulklink isn’t something new to the SEO world.  Pinging your backlinks have been around since blogs were introduced, and some blogs even do this automatically, which is why mass ping sites were invented. These websites help you get your backlinks seen, but not always indexed, and this will help you get a boost in the SERPs if it’s done right.


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