Shoes are an often ignored but very crucial part of your outfit. While people tend to look at shoes as a luxury, they’re a necessity.

It is not right to overlook the absolute joy and satisfaction of donning a new pair of Mens Shoes.

Whether you’re heading to work or dressing up for a party, you need to pay attention to your footwear. Having an arsenal with shoes for every mood will help you pull off fantastic looks every time.

If you want to step up your shoe game, you’re in the right place. Now to explore the different kinds of shoes every man should have in the wardrobe.

1.Chelsea Boot

You might’ve spotted rock icons sporting the Chelsea Boot. It is a modern-style shoe, falling somewhere between casual and corporate.

The ankle-length boot comes with rounded low heels, rounded toes, and elastic gussets on either side. You can use the gussets to slip in and out of the shoes since there are no laces.


Loafers are versatile shoes that you can wear on whatever occasion you wish, be it a meeting or hopping out for chores.

They are very comfortable and can be worn with or without socks. A telltale characteristic of loafers is the elevated seam running alongside the toes.

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3.Dress Sneaker

Are you stepping out for a movie night? Perhaps you’re dressing up to go shopping with your family. Dress sneakers are perfect for such casual outings.

They go well with every outfit, so you can pair them with shorts, jeans, chinos, or any other bottom wear you can think of. These sneakers are light on your feet and ensure proper support.


These peculiar but classy shoes are identified by their closed lacing and low heel design. Oxford shoes are perhaps the most dapper ones on this list.

These shoes are known for their minimalist design and versatility in colours. Some Oxford shoes also have wingtips, wherein a pointed cap toe extends outward to the sides of the shoe.

5.Boat Shoe

As the name suggests, these shoes are ideally meant for boats. They are designed in a way that they’re not just fashionable but also functional.

Boat shoes come with anti-slip rubber to allow the user to walk safely on wet decks. They typically have a leather lace woven through the shoe’s collar, tying over the shoe’s tongue.


The Chukka is a lace-up boot with two or three eyelets on either side. These shoes are supposed to be ankle-length boots, intended initially as after-game shoes for polo players.

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They were traditionally made with soft suede but are now available in different material options.


Derby shoes are often confused with Oxfords to the credit of the similarity in their shapes. However, they have open lacing, meaning the facing is placed on top of the vamp.

The design enables a wider fit and is quite comfortable.

Closing Words

Shopping for Mens Shoes can be tricky if you’re not well versed with the different varieties available.

You can pick your preferred type of shoes and then compare different colours to find shoes that you won’t regret buying.

Remember to double-check the size if you’re ordering shoes online to ensure that you find the most comfortable pair.

Hurry, grab your perfect pair of shoes now!


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