Are you worried about your small room setting? Want to know how you can make your room look well spacious and fully organized? Don’t worry when we are here to guide you. In today’s world due to high population, flats have reduced the sizes of their rooms making it smaller then before so that home can be provided to maximum people. Here we will provide you some great Tricks That Make a Small Room Feel Bigger.

You should never put your small rooms overcrowded and scattered as it will make your room look much smaller. The best part is to keep less and organized stuff in your room which will help to make room look big and sorted. We here will tell you some clever tricks through which your wish to have a bigger room will be fulfilled by making your small cozy room look big like a king size room.

Well if you want to know the quip answer for how to quip a small room you are at the correct place. The clever and smart tricks to make small room feel bigger are by less utilizing the ground area and using more of walls. To give an example of quip a small room best trick is if I want to keep a dressing mirror in the small room then best is to select a wall mounted dressing mirror in place of floor standing and install it behind the door so that we can less utilize the ground usage and can cover the dressing mirror as well with the door.

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 Now we will discuss the tips of how to quip a small room.

Tricks That Make A Small Room Feel Bigger

1.      Select light colors for your small rooms

Darker colors make room look smaller and light colors make the room look bigger. Hence always select colors which are settle and light. If you will select dark color then you will feel suffocated and stuffed in the small room hence, never select dark colors for your small rooms.

2.      Royal Niche or Shelves

We can get some shelves and niche made on the wall of the room so that placing the items in it will not only make the room well organized but will also make it look good and will create the illusion that this room can store so many stuff manageably. Hence making it look as if it is a big room.

3.      Select the furniture which has visible bottom legs

You should always select the type of furniture which has open legs. Like a bamboo chair or couch which has legs visible. Visible legs will make a delusion of taking less space and making the person feel that the room is big enough and it is not getting congested by keeping the furniture.

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4.      False ceiling Pattern

By selecting a ceiling pattern (border which can be colored different)  and coloring it in different light shades can hit a person psychology by making him realize that room is so big that we can use so many colors that too in a settle way. The colors are not getting mixed up with each other, Hence it is a big room.

5.      Light Floor color

One more color illusion is to select a light color for floors too. Beige or white color tiles on the floor will do wonders. If you want to go with wood flooring then always select the light shades of wood so that it can make your room look bigger.

6.      Use Long Curtains

Select the curtains of the height from ceiling to the floors. Install the curtain near to your ceiling and make them touch the floor. This will make the room look bigger in size. Replace all your blinds with long curtains and see the magic.


These clever/quip tricks can make your room look bigger and spacious. By following these ideas, you can not only transform any of your small rooms into big looking rooms without anyone noticing the tricks but if these tricks are applied appropriately, you can make your room look elegant and royal too.

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So what are you waiting for! Start analyzing your room and decide the best tricks through which you can create illusion for all and transform the small room into big looking rooms.


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