Trends change with time, and so do companies bring changes in their logos to keep themselves trendy and become the talk of the town. Many companies altered their logos last year, and many will do the same this year, following the trends. Big brands are connected with professional logo design services that keep them updated about the ongoing trends and suggest changes if needed.

So, if your logo is outdated or just limited to a specific region, you should explore the logo trends in 2021. This blog post will share some most followed trends that companies are following to create logos.

However, before moving ahead, we want you to understand that following trends is a good idea, but you don’t want to recreate your logo every time a new trend begins. So, it’s important to create a logo that is timeless and lasts forever. You can take inspiration from trends from time to time and make slight changes.

Logo in 2021

Therefore, we suggest you get your hands on logo design services that will help you create a logo that inspires others and set new trends. Besides, we also want to let you know that trends are not something that change completely every year. For instance, some logo design trends of the previous year are still relevant and workable today.

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So, always create a logo that keeping in mind that you need to display it both online and offline. Your logo should be designed in a way that it adjusts as easily and perfectly on a business card as it’s on your website. In 2020, brands used vibrant colors, serif fonts, layered elements, and a vintage look. Now let’s jump into the logo design trends in 2021.


Logo Design Trends to Follow in 2021

So what will be trending in 2021? Our research team has found out some interesting things that may become popular this year.


Handcrafted Look

Sometimes brands go too far away in giving a professional touch to their logos that they start looking fake and lose the charm. So, while creating a logo for your company, you need to analyze how you can make a logo appealing to your target audience. You must need to stay away from giving your logo a corporate effect.

You might be wondering what exactly can help you create a logo that consumers will love. It’s a handcrafted look that can help you bring originality to your logo design and create a charm that your logo needs to inspire others. The handmade effect looks more like a sketch, making a logo simple and subtle.


If you are not confident about creating a handcrafted logo on your own, we suggest you get in touch with a professional and creative logo design services provider. Besides, you can also take inspiration from different websites that offer free handmade logo templates.


Go for Geometric Shape

Another way to become trendy in 2021 is to use geometric shapes to create a logo for your company. Do you know that every geometric shape has its own meaning? Let’s take a look at what different shapes represent when it comes to logo design:


  • Circle — represents a particular community or completion and harmony.
  • Triangle — represents balance and power.
  • Square — represents stability, reliability and suggests order.
  • Spiral — represents the notion of growth and evolution.


However, using geometric shapes doesn’t mean that you should use them wholly. Here we suggest you use the shape in a minimalist way. It means that you can use only lines or a single shape to create your company’s name acronym. In short, instead of creating something straightforward, use the geometric shape creatively.


Give Your Logo a 3D Touch

In this competitive era, coming up with a unique logo is quite challenging, even for creative logo design services providers. So, if you want to set your brand logo apart, you should try a 3D logo. It is one of the popular ongoing trends nowadays. But to make your logo pop, you need to think about the tone first. The 3D effect is best when it comes to telling a story through the logo.

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Companies like Netflix, Gmail, and Paypal have smartly added 3D effects to their logos. So, if you want to make your logo more vibrant, you should use a darker color and give depth to your logo.


Keep Your Logo Simple

The trend that has been there for years and followed by every other brand is ‘simplicity.’ Over the years, we have seen many companies recreate their logos, remove details, and come up with a simple design. Some of the well-known examples are Mastercard and Starbucks.

Therefore, when it comes to creating a logo for your brand, you should consider simplicity and be minimalist. Doing so will help you create a logo that leaves a lasting impression on potential consumers. The fewer details your logo will have, the more pleasing it will look. Besides, it will become easier for you to create different versions and print out your logo.


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