Putting a lot of storage in your home might not be an easy task. You will surely have a hard time looking for designs and concepts that would fit your house. Plus, it would consume a lot of time once you start arranging and installing your storage at home. But if you are looking for storages that can easily be installed, check out these storage solutions that are listed below:

Organized Kitchen Wooden Drawer

There are many types of easy storage solutions, depending on where you install this storage equipment. But if you are searching for storage that would fit in your kitchen area, this is the best deal for you.

This wooden kitchen drawer can be used to organize your kitchen tools easily. With this, you do not have to hang your kitchen tools on the wall or place it somewhere reachable to your kids, which might soon cause an accident. Surely, you can arrange your kitchen materials right after cooking.

Spice Clips

The best thing about having a simple storage material is that you would be surprised by how much space you can save in your house. Spice clips let you keep your herbs and spices in your kitchen drawer, wall, or wherever that would allow you to reach it quickly. Also, these clips can be easily installed. You would surely have a much cleaner kitchen area using these clips.

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Skinny Shelves

If you have a small bathroom, you would sometimes wonder where to put your skin essentials and other beauty products. If you have this problem, the best storage material you can have is this Skilly Shelf. You can easily install it in empty corners of your bathroom.

Using Skinny Shelf as your bathroom storage item, you can easily place toilet paper and beauty essentials, and cleaning products without taking much space in your bathroom. If you wish to put other aesthetics in your bathroom, you can place an indoor plant at the top of the Skinny Shelf.

Add Label To Your Kid’s Drawer

Sometimes, having a lot of drawers causes confusion once looking for your kid’s outfit. It might consume you a lot of time. The best thing you can do to prevent this problem is to add some labels to your kid’s drawer. This easy storage idea can create fewer hassle mornings during a busy day.

With this, you can easily know where to put your kid’s socks, clothes, pants, towels, etc. Hence, you can easily find the outfit that your kids needed and making the busy days not tiresome. Plus, this can help your kids learn how to organize their clothes!

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Add Shelves On Your Empty Wall

If you want to add some minimalist design to your house, you may try to add some shelves on your empty walls. Having shelves added to your walls can help you easily organize and design your home. You can put some books, flowers, collection items, and any other cool decorations on these shelves.

See-Through Storage Bins

See-through bins are among the many storage solutions that can be easily installed in your house. This storage bin can be used as a storage material for your food products, clothes, essential documents, and kid’s toys. Plus, this storage bin is affordable. Just make sure always to put labels on your See-through storage bins.

Hanging Fruit Basket

Many people do not know that this storage material can place many other valuable things. You can hang this basket near your bathroom and make it a storage material for your beauty essentials and clothes. You may use it also as a storage material for your small gardening tools.

DIY Gardening Tools Storage

Gardening tools take so much space at your home. You can’t place it in your yard since other people can easily steal these tools. The best option you can do is install a hanger on your empty walls. With this, you can easily place your gardening tools and not consume much space in your house!

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Install Tension Rod On Your Cabinet

If you need to organize your items on your cabinet, the best thing you can try is to install tension rods. You can use these tension rods as a hanger to store your shoes, clothes, and other essential items. You can also use the tension rod as a diver by installing it vertically.


The best storage solutions are the ones the can be easily installed at home. Having these kinds of storage items can create a more minimalist design at home. Also, you can enjoy much more space with these types of storage solutions!


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