Workforce optimization (WFO) tools help organizations seamlessly place the appropriate labor in its place at just the right time. These systems utilize AI technology to automate employee scheduling while adhering to labor regulations and workers’ preferences.


Large WFM developers have been adding best-of-breed solutions to expand their integrated suites.


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Bridgit Bench

Bridgit Bench makes it easy for your team to collaborate and discuss workforce needs, no matter where they may be. No emails. No phone calls. No gatekeepers.


Consolidating your project administration and field staffing in one tool helps create a common language for planning for your team. This will help ensure that each project is successful and you can make the most of your resources.


Bridgit empowers your employees to update in real-time so that you can focus on driving organizational growth and strategy. Custom permissions are available to ensure that your employees only have access to the information they need for their work.


Avaya is a technology company specializing in Unified Communications. Their open APIs allow developers to tailor solutions specifically tailored to each developer’s needs, while free webinars help users learn about current tech trends and innovations.

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Avaya provides a cloud-based UCaaS solution designed for small and midsize businesses, complete with features such as HD voice quality and VoIP calling. Businesses can easily scale up or down their UCaaS and CCaaS infrastructure as necessary.


Avaya Unified Communications Software is built upon Aura architecture and can easily integrate with other applications through an integration framework.


It supports various devices – smartphones and tablets alike – as well as AI virtual agents and workflow automation tools to enhance customer service; its analytics feature gives businesses insight into their communication data; plus there are 5G and virtual reality conferencing features as well.


OpenText is a leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM) software, offering various features to increase productivity. These include document and workflow management, collaboration and security – with access available from multiple devices and locations so employees can collaborate more efficiently as a workforce.


OpenText offers solutions that help customers better manage information to provide an improved customer experience, whether deployed as stand-alone solutions or part of the OpenText Product Suite. In addition, cloud-based document services such as faxing are offered through its acquisition of Carbonite and Webroot.


OpenText Exstream provides organizations with an effective tool for optimizing communications over time by automating tracking and analysis, while also offering customers a consistent, on-brand experience across channels. Furthermore, this solution helps organizations lower costs while improving customer lifetime value.

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Nice’s workforce management software empowers employees with complete control over their schedules through features like swapping shifts with coworkers or bidding on time off requests, increasing agent engagement and satisfaction as a result, which ultimately benefits customers.


World-class forecasting tools allow users to run “what if” scenarios such as potential promotions while its “best pick” technology takes the guesswork out by automatically choosing an algorithm based on forecast parameters.


Genesys offers many useful features in business operations and provides many employee perks, including work-from-home policies and free dental coverage for employees. Furthermore, its work environment and culture make for a fantastic work experience and culture.


Genesys Contact Center Software offers customer experience (CX), employee engagement (EE), and business optimization solutions to improve customer journeys and ensure optimal business operations. CX solutions offered include voice and digital interactions as well as desktop collaboration tools; while business optimization solutions cover workforce management and outbound dialing solutions.


With their omnichannel capabilities, businesses can monitor and analyze customer journeys across multiple sources. Their unified inbox and presence give agents access to a single view of customer information across channels; additionally, their agent assistance tool uses AI technology to resolve customer inquiries and shorten average handle time automatically.

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Five9 provides cloud-based call center software, digital customer interaction tools and workforce management solutions for businesses to delight customers while increasing business agility.


Five9’s intelligent contact center and CX platform enable organizations to enhance customer experiences, empower both humans and digital workers alike and increase business agility – featuring features like omnichannel routing, engagement, AI-powered virtual agents, and gamification; call recording capabilities are also supported along with quality assurance solutions.


Integration with popular applications such as Microsoft Teams and Salesforce facilitates communication between colleagues and customers more efficiently, while its embedded directory enables users to locate the ideal person for any task at hand quickly.


Five9 boasts an outstanding user satisfaction rating. Reviewers particularly praise its intuitive interface and automation features as being user-friendly, and also appreciate that Five9 boasts an exceptional customer service/account management team.


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