It is common to feel worried or nervous about a major milestone in your life. But if such feelings become overwhelming, persistent, and difficult to control, it is a major issue, and you need expert help. Dr. Ronald P. Winfield offers holistic therapies to manage anxiety to prevent the condition from becoming something worse. But many people fail to seek help when necessary due to a lack of understanding when fears are no longer normal. Here are some techniques to help you apprehend that your anxiety is not usual, and you should seek help.

Watch out for Excessive and Intense Worry

An intense feeling of tension is one of the most common features of anxiety. If you find yourself constantly worrying for a long time, even if you have nothing in particular to cause the worry, all is not well. Additionally, you might experience jitteriness and physical tension alongside worrying. Talk to your doctor before your symptoms get worse. Also, talk to your doctor if you get a pessimistic attitude and anticipate the worst outcome in the worrying situation. Watch out even when you are anxious about being anxious.

Note any Feeling of Unreality.

If you are experiencing feelings of blankness or being unreal, you might be having anxiety that needs expert care. Excessive anxiety will cause feelings of unreality and detachment, especially if you are overwhelmed by the reason for your fears. You might feel completely detached from your world and other people, and you feel unmotivated to do anything. The feeling is like your emotions and motivations have been turned off. Please seek help, as this is a sign of excessive anxiety.

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Identify Panic

If you experience fear or panic that you cannot control, please seek help immediately. You might have experienced a real major situation in your life, and although it might begin as general fear, you lose control. This is one of the most debilitating anxiety symptoms as it can become difficult for others to comfort. It is normal to experience fear of death or be disturbed by the thought of a difficult or stressful situation, but if it frequently happens with high intensity, it is time you seek expert help.

Assess Your Moods

Anxiety as a disorder is not easy to deal with. You will experience symptoms that make it difficult to maintain a happy or calm mood causing other side effects. If you note your mood is straining your schoolwork, job, or personal relationships, please seek help. It can even become difficult for you to enjoy your normal social life. In most cases, seek help if you find yourself irritable and cannot participate or concentrate in social interactions.

Recognize Avoidance Behaviors

 If you suffer anxiety regularly, you can often find yourself fearful of situations that have triggered your stress in the past. This can force you to avoid entering into such situations since you are associating them with stress. This can lead to procrastination, avoiding responsibilities, and even keeping off social interactions because you fear being overwhelmed by the stress caused by such.

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Be Cautious About Drug Abuse

If you find yourself trying to self-medicate by using unprescribed drugs to manage your symptoms, you could be suffering from chronic anxiety. You can even turn to alcohol, hoping to find relief which is not the best approach. You can feel that your substance use is becoming out of your control, and you should seek help soon before your condition worsens.

Do not let anxiety lower the quality of your life. Get help by contacting Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC today. Dr. Winfield will evaluate your symptoms to recommend the best treatment approach suited for you.


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