18 Best Places to Visit in Kolkata to Discover the City


The metropolis of joy, as  Dominique Lapierre had infamously referred to as Kolkata. That is the area I believe to be the coronary heart and soul of India. At the same time as going through the list, experience the journey by memorizing yourself into the area and feel it. There’s not anything as soulful as Bengali tradition, traditions, literature, and the humans themselves. It’s an appropriate stability between current changes and the antique college traditions. On one aspect I get to look at the restless chaotic site visitors and on the alternative, at a snail’s tempo, the tram moves along carrying humans in it. Right here are 10 locations to visit in Kolkata that confirmed me the unadulterated allure of this city.

Table of Contents 

  • Kalighat Kali Temple
  • New marketplace (Sir Stuart Hogg market) – Terreti Morning Bazaar
  •       3.Victoria Memorial corridor
  •       4. Mom’s Wax Museum
  • Indian Museum
  • Sundarbans 
  • Technology town 
  •        8. Howrah Bridge
  • State Archaeological Gallery
  • Prinsep Ghat

30 Places to Visit in Kolkata, Tourist Places in Kolkata (2021)

Kalighat Kali Temple

Kalighat Kali Temple,things to do in Kolkata – A city with a Soul        

The first photo that stays clean in my mind approximately Kolkata is the Durga Puja, and like our very own Satyajit Ray had said himself “Dominus Omnium Magister. It means God is the master of all things.” A completely not unusual sight in Kolkata is the Kali worship, and there isn’t a day that goes by here whilst heaps of pilgrims flock to the Kalighat temple. There wasn’t even a single stupid second at this place with the sounds of aarti and bhajans going on.

Idol worship right here is done in all its grandeur, wrapping Kali Mata in terrific silk sarees and wearing flower garlands over her. Absolutely that is one of the happening places in Kolkata.

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New marketplace (Sir Stuart Hogg market) – Terreti Morning Bazaar

New market (Sir Stuart Hogg market) – Terreti Morning Bazaar, things to do in Kolkata – A metropolis with a Soul

 Two markets, not farther than 4 km from each different, totally specific reviews. Terreti morning bazaar, even if the complete town is sleeping, this street wakes up to light up their fires and put together breakfast for the early birds. Certainly one of my favorites out of the numerous devour streets in Kolkata, this area offers splendid chinese language and Indian cuisines! A plate of momos instantly out of the steam, and some mouthwatering manchow soup, and I used to be precise to go for the relaxation of the day. A wholly contrasting situation occurred at New market. A reflection of the chaotic busy existence around the metropolis cleekdigital.com.

Pushcart transporters, street-aspect bhaji, and ghugni chaat stalls, colorful garb materials, fruit sellers and so much extra! There’s so much happening in so little time, I had to remind myself to preserve shifting to see the complete marketplace. With sections that have so many matters, it felt like I would be sinning if I overlooked out on seeing any of it. 

Long tale short, one entire day became spent across the Newmarket and Terreti morning marketplace.  

Victoria Memorial corridor

Victoria Memorial hall, activities in Kolkata – A town with a Soul

A walk lower back in history is what this iconic Memorial, built as a willpower to Queen Victoria, gives. It hasn’t lost its appeal one bit for the reason that day it changed into built up. 

The contrasts that Kolkata holds inside it’s also proven through the architectural idea of the Memorial. The 103 meters long shape has a big european structure with difficult elements of Mughal designs. I walked inside to the welcoming sight of aesthetically appealing Western and Indian paintings. They frequently hold exhibitions right here as well, and each time it’s a new revel in. Don’t miss out on the gallery exhibitions here! They’re just as majestic as the memorial. I had walked around the memorial for hours and any other couple of hours on the memorial lawn. A few people have been taking part in a peaceful morning and had a stroll here. The truth that the gardens are made so on hand to the humans round itself was fascinating to me. The garden has statues fabricated from bronze and marble which regarded not anything less than history being narrated through them to me. It is one of the most famous locations to visit in Kolkata.

 Mom’s Wax Museum

Mom’s Wax Museum, things to do in Kolkata – A town with a Soul

 This became my first time at a wax museum and I didn’t understand what exactly to count on from right here. Located in New Metropolis, is the most visited traveller attraction of Kolkata. Stay searching wax collectible figurines of so many terrific figures, from Mahatma Gandhi, mom Teresa to modern times celebrities inclusive of Virat Kohli and Angelina Jolie. There’s a whole lot you may see here. Skillfully carved to appear like the infamous people, it became almost not possible to walk around the region while not having liked the effort that is going on behind it. The wide variety of individuals who flock here to click snapshots with the wax collectible figurines is yet another sight. Without exploring the museum you’ll sense ignored additionally, this is one of the high-quality places to go to in Kolkata.

Indian Museum

Indian Museum, activities in Kolkata – A city with a Soul, places to visit in Kolkata

 For an art lover, this vicinity is a need to visit! Historic collections, archaeology, art from international locations which includes Egypt and a lot extra .The place is typically full of humans, mainly in the course of the weekends. So making plans at ease time primarily based on my preference turned into what I had opted for. The museum is one of the most tremendous ones within the united states of america and has such a lot of captivating well-known shows!


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Sundarbans, places to visit in Kolkata 

Maintaining the badge of being the largest river delta and estuarine mangrove in the international, is that this unbeatable wildlife experience of Sunderbans. A UNESCO world history site, this natural marvel lies inside the coastal vicinity of the Bay of Bengal. Going across the early hours of seven-eight am I should spot numerous beautiful flora and fauna pop out of their houses to wander round. This became a priceless sight. The prominent sorts of plants here nicely kept me knowledgeable about the expanse of herbal sources we’ve. We often choose to stay unaware of all of these, and a visit to this place made positive that each ounce of lack of expertise in me changed into replaced by wealthy statistics. One of the exciting reports right here is recognizing the royal Bengal tiger in its habitat. Getting into the estuarine dekta vicinity follows certain techniques though, including taking ahead permission from the office of the sector Director of Sunderbans Tiger Reserve. Without journeying, Sundarbans could not make you a good metropolis explorer. Sundarbans is tremendous for nature lovers and so it’s miles a have to places to visit in Kolkata.   

Technology metropolis 

Technological know-how city, places to visit in Kolkata  

Strolling into the most important technological know-how in India, was a memorable experience. Maintained by way of the National Council of technology Museums, this middle falls beneath the Ministry of culture, authorities of India. There are two facilities within the center and have so much on board for the site visitors along with the distant Odyssey, Dynamotion, technological know-how Exploration hall, Maritime Centre, Earth Exploration hall and so on. My private favorites have been the technology on the sphere and the life evolution automobile ride. Both were as informative as entertaining. To see such an intellectual problem together with technology made as smooth as a bit of cake, turned into thrilling!

Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge, places to go to in Kolkata

 Morning hours at Howrah Bridge are full of raw untouched testimonies of Kolkata. A boat ride beneath the bridge is as captivating because it gets, particularly at some stage in the time of sundown. Some warm chai in a clay cup or maybe the notorious masala doodh from right here and you’ll feel refreshed love. It’s just the beginning of the day. 

Howrah bridge in itself is an art to the eyes, one complete day may be spent right here results easily. From morning till night time, looking at the city lights replicate on the waters underneath the bridge. It has become even greater difficult to go away in the back of this stunning town. Howrah Bridge is one of the nice locations to go to in Kolkata. 

Country Archaeological Gallery

Kingdom Archaeological Gallery, places to visit in Kolkata

 Hooked up in 1962, this gallery has few of the rarest artifacts and gallery well-known shows. The website’s they’ve excavated to locate these antiques range from numerous Palaeolithic to Neolithic sites. Maximum of it has to do with the evolution of early man to the modern-day age. It’s the most informative of the experiences and is exceptionally wealthy in cultural and highbrow enjoy. That is additionally why they’ve made an entry for youngsters as much as the age of 15 years, as free. Kolkata ensures the maximum enriching historical reports via their museums and galleries.

Prinsep Ghat

Prinsep Ghat, princep ghat boating beneath bridge, locations to visit in Kolkata 

On the banks of Hooghly River is one of the oldest ghats constructed underneath the British raj – Princep Ghat. One of the satisfactory perspectives of the metropolis is in line with me. The view from right here is unequalled. Just a night time out right here with actual Bengali meals from the stalls nearby is all you want to recognize the city’s vibes. Boats going across the Hooghly, human beings sipping on to their coffee, the Palladian porch, an ice cream stall that has been right here for over forty years. This. This right here is what Kolkata is like. A 2-kilometer expanse of riverfront turned into a mountain until Babughat which receives illuminated at night time to create a beautiful scenic view.

A ship journey from this ghat to Babughat had left me absolutely mesmerized. It could be stated that the journey of exploration might be incomplete if you don’t go to Kolkata as a minimum as soon as possible. You honestly need to visit these locations in Kolkata.


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