A wedding is often seen as one of the most important days in anyone’s life. It is something that might only happen once in a lifetime and it is imperative that you’re making it memorable. The whole planning process can be a challenging endeavor. There are just a lot of variables involved and you’re likely to be overwhelmed when doing it on your own. That is why it is usually recommended that you’re reaching out to a wedding planner to help with the process. Here are some tips that will come in handy if you’re planning a wedding.


Before you can decide on anything else, you first want to make sure the number of guests that will be attending the wedding. The rule of thumb is that there should be 20-30 square feet per guest. You don’t have to invite a lot of guests if you’re working with a tight budget. It could be close friends and family members.

Wedding Dress

The wedding dress will account for up to 30 % of the total budget. That is why it is crucial that you’re taking your time while doing research. In addition to shopping for your dress, you’ll also want to make sure that everyone is looking good. You can check out madamebridal.com to get an idea of the kind of dresses that you should be going for.

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Plan in Advance

The wedding is only as successful as the planning. That is why it is usually recommended that you’re starting early. Ideally, you should start at least six months in advance. Make sure to work with a wedding planner if everything is to go smoothly.

Go Digital

As much as you’d want to write down everything, it will be difficult to keep tabs, especially when working as a team. To keep track of everything, make sure that there is digitalization. From the suppliers to the invoicing, everything should be accessed from a single place. It will be easy to access the most important files via your smartphone when you need them.

Meal Plan

Feeding the wedding crew is often overlooked in the planning process. Before putting anything to pen and paper, it is important that you’re making sure that you’ll not be obliged to feed the same meal to vendors that are supposed to be received by the guests. You could be looking at skyrocketing bills which you hadn’t planned for.

Organization Focus

There should be special email addresses that are exclusively dedicated to the wedding. There are also planning and productivity apps that can help with the organization. Anything that will make the planning process easier should be embraced.

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Have an Emergency Fund

Even the best planned weddings could still end up in disaster. That is why it might not be a good idea to plan everything to the last dollar. Emergencies happen and you’ll want to be prepared for any mishap.

Prepare For Rejection

Not everyone that you invite to the wedding will attend. This is something that you should be aware of from the onset. About 10% of the people that are invited will not make it to the wedding and it will mostly depend on the location. Just as you prepare for rejection, you should also be prepared for those people that might attend the wedding uninvited.


Not all gets are going to equal. That is why it is important that you’re prioritizing your people. You should start with immediate family, then to uncles and aunties before you settle on the friends list. There is no love lost as those that will be attendance will understand it is your special day.

One Step at a Time

Planning for a wedding is like running a marathon. You don’t want to do everything all at once. Having a detailed to-do list will help with the planning process. You shouldn’t start hiring vendors when you’ve not even confirmed the wedding date. The cake should only be designed when you’ve already envisioned the flowers.

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Visit Venue

The photos on the internet don’t always tell the whole story. You don’t want to book a venue that you’ve never set foot on when planning for a wedding.


Planning for a wedding can be exciting and stressful at the same time. There are so many moving parts and it is easy for someone to get overwhelmed. That is why it is usually recommended to hire a wedding planner to help out if the wedding is to be a success.


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