Divers that wish to maximize their underwater diving experience may consider liveaboard diving vacations. How is this different from scuba diving as we know it? Put on liveaboard vacations, and you could eat, sleep, rest, and dive for several days at a time! Many divers regard liveaboards as the epitome of scuba diving, something that every scuba diver must experience at least once, especially considering the incredible dive spots that a liveaboard tour can only reach.

Komodo is a well-liked liveaboard location in Indonesia for a good reason. For its exhilarating drift dives, enormous fish, and fantastic manta ray encounters, the Komodo diving scene is famous worldwide. In addition, Komodo liveaboard is an adventurous and fun diving destination

due to Bali’s convenience in getting there.

But since you are probably here because you’ve never been on a liveaboard dive trip, let’s review some of the information you should know before making that once-in-a-lifetime diving trip reservation in Komodo.


How is diving in Komodo the best?

Komodo island is small; unlike its vast reputation, this Island is home to a large population of Komodo dragons. This Island has one of the world’s most giant and deadly lizards, but it is much more than just the creatures living on it. There’s a whole new world of beautiful species in the water too! So, I suggest you explore Komodo island through the water instead of on foot. It is not only Indonesia’s but the world’s best diving spots! Underwater lovers, here is some good news: Komodo island is part of the Coral Triangle. It is an area rich in different life on Earth. Diving around Komodo promises the experience of whole Marine life, from manatees and dreaded stone fishes to sharks and turtles. Komodo island has a large population of Manta rays as well. That is why it makes Komodo island the most popular diving spot. These beautiful creatures dance through Komodo’s clear waters, which makes the diving experience a thousand times better; the best time of the year to see them is during December and February and raining season. That is why you should choose the Neptune liveaboard, the best in the market, to make your diving experience worth every penny!

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The best service provider!

When you make the decision to board, you must choose the best service provider to ensure that your diving adventure is one to remember. Not sure who to call? Be at ease; we’ve got you. In Indonesia and throughout the world, the Neptune Komodo liveaboard is renowned for offering the best diving opportunities and is at the top of the list! Having said that, Neptune also provides difficult underwater conditions with strong and occasionally unexpected currents.The dive schedule calls for visiting all well-known dive locations, including Batu Bolong, Crystal Rock, and Castle Rock. However, frequent water quality checks are made to guarantee proper safety. On two specified days during each of our Komodo liveaboard trips, they schedule two of the most well-known Komodo land tours: Visiting the renowned Padar island vantage point, and visiting the famous Pink Beach.

They dive at least three times each day of the liveaboard trip, with the possibility of a fourth-night dive in some locations when conditions permit. Neptune One only admits divers for its Komodo Liveaboard who have completed at least 50 dives and are qualified in Advanced Open Water.


If you’re ready to bring yourself to the stunning Indonesian Island and spend your next vacation diving and want to live these moments in your life to the fullest with all the comfort, you should choose Neptune One Komodo liveaboard, which is the best in their field.

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