There is a saying that goes like, “Music is life.” and then feel a particular tug of strings in your heart because it is a fact and nothing but truth. Music is what most people rely on whenever angry, sad, excited, happy, or just to shut the world’s noise and vibe into some lofi music. And what could be the most excellent experience to be immersed in music than using earbuds?

But one of the most detrimental things to an earbud is the dust and the specks that could get inside in it. The small particles could potentially destroy your happiness. So, avoiding that dilemma, here are some tips and tricks that could help retain the pristine condition of your beloved earbuds. 

Using a Soft Dry Cloth

One great trick of cleaning your earbuds is to use a soft dry cloth. Well, this may be the most basic tips on how to clean earbuds, but I can guarantee you that this will surely put hearts in your eyes to know them. There are tons and tons of things a cloth can be utilized, and cleaning your earbuds is one of them.

One great trick on how to clean earbud is when dealing with damp earbuds may it be on sweat or something else, you can dry it using a soft cloth, and to remove the filthy gunk, you can wet it with some rubbing alcohol in that way it is sanitized it you could just use water and then you can proceed into wiping it. If you use rubbing alcohol, make sure to air-dry it before putting your earbuds into their respective case.

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Just a reminder that when cleaning an earbud, make sure to unplug then, and if they are wireless, you have to remove it from its charging case. When dealing with noise-canceling earbuds, take extra good care of the silicone tips because it may obtain a tear when not handled with extra good care.

The Colossal Cotton Swabs

There is a strong connection between earbuds and cotton swabs; the idea that they both used in ears is just incredible. Coincidence? I think not. One thing you can guarantee on cotton swabs is that they can easily maneuver into the opening of your earbuds and snatch all the dirt and all the grimes building in them. Make sure to scoop, not just push the cotton buds when cleaning the insides of your ear buds.

Cotton swabs are also remarkable for cleaning the mesh part of your earbuds. What you need to remember is to sanitize them. Put it in your mind that sanitizing should always come first. So dip your cotton swab into alcohol, and after that, you can start cleansing and wiping the filth in your earbuds.

Take note to just put a small amount of alcohol in your cotton swabs in that way; you can alleviate, soothe, and comfort your mind since there will be no moisture happening on it. Then, make sure to dry or air dry before putting it back in the case.

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The Tremendous Toothbrush

When you think that a toothbrush only fights the plaques in your teeth and cleans your gums and tongue, well, I politely say that you need to expand your imagination on what toothbrushes can do. You see, there are tons of household things that can be utilized in a lot of ways, and one of them is the marvelous, fabulous, and exceptional toothbrush.

I just want to put it out there that you do not use the toothbrush you use to brush your teeth when cleaning your earbuds. Please, buy a new and unused one. It could be the cheapest, and it would still yield the same results. But it’s better if you buy one with soft bristles so you won’t break your ear buds while cleaning it. It is excellent when you use a nylon toothbrush since it has the capability to break up the static electricity in your earbuds; thus, you could ensure that there will be no internal damage. Cleaning your earbuds with a toothbrush is just the same as brushing your teeth, gently and slowly.

Only use a soft force when cleaning your earbuds, smooth circular motions just to remove the dirt and grimes in it. And that nylon-bristled toothbrushes can easily penetrate to the cavernous part of the buds.  

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The Supreme Soap and Whacking Water

It is terrible to underestimate the mighty power of the good ol’ soap and water. You can always see soap in water in your day to day life. With its fantastic feat, soap and water are like the jack of all trades in every cleaning hacks. Its versatility is truly remarkable and quite outstanding. It is something to hold and behold.

With just a simple mixing up of soap and water, you could have a perfect solution to wipe off the gunk and filth that surrounds your earbuds and maintain its pristine condition or expand their life span. You could use a soft cloth or a cotton swab by simply dipping that tool, and your faith in humanity will be restored. Just do not make it super wet because you will have a severe problem.

We suggest that you only use the soap and water mixture when you do a deep cleaning since this solution will quickly remove the grime and dirt in your earbuds. We advise that just do a deep cleaning every once in a while because it is somewhat detrimental. 

In A Nutshell 

It is very crucial to clean your earbuds. It may be a hassle, but you may have heard of the saying, “Health is wealth.” Not cleaning your earbud may pose serious health damage since it could retain bacteria or infections that may hurt you in the long run. We advise you to clean your earbuds at least once a week and make it a habit. In the long run, your ears and ear buds will thank you for taking care of both of them. 

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