When you think of home security as a whole, it may begin to seem overwhelming. There is too much to consider, and everything holds immense value in ensuring that your home remains perfectly safe, even when you aren’t available to constantly monitor it. There are smart gadgets such as video doorbells that work with Alexa to help make the process more efficient, but it can still be helpful to know where to begin.

A basic set of smart gadgets should be enough to get you started with smart home security. These gadgets all tackle different aspects of your home’s security, some increasing visibility, while others simplifying home monitoring. This way, you may be able to keep your valuables safe in a thorough, fool-proof way.

The following are the four main gadgets that you may want to incorporate into your self-made home security system, since they cover the basics of home security.

Security Cameras

When opting for smart security, cameras are the most basic gadget you can get. Security cameras are the easiest, most fool-proof way for homeowners to monitor their living space, since they can provide you with a 24/7 live feed of any part of your home. This gadget is portable and easy to install, which means it is the perfect home security tool for anyone who tends to move frequently. This is what makes security cameras so reliable.

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These cameras must be installed strategically throughout your home for the best results. Thorough home security can only be achieved if you are able to keep track of the activity in even the darkest, most hidden parts of your home. The backyard, garage or any other area where you don’t have direct visual access can become reachable using security cameras – this can give you much greater peace of mind regarding the security status of your home.

Video Doorbell

If you are trying to figure out where to begin with home security, the best course of action would be to start with the basics. The front entrance is the most frequently used area of access into your home, which means it may also be the most vulnerable. All your interactions with visitors happen at the front door, and a lot of these visitors can even be strangers. Delivery people, new neighbors or anyone else can come to your front door, and you would have to interact with them as an obligation.

Securing the front door to your home would mean creating a much safer living space for a better quality of life. You no longer have to leave all your chores to rush to the door whenever someone visits, or break your workflow in the middle of a bust work day. Using a video doorbell, you can easily have this interaction from anywhere within your home, allowing you to have much more productive days.

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A video doorbell gives you greater authority over who has access to your home. It allows your home to become safer, and much less accessible to potential intruders.

Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is a gadget every home may benefit from. It is something that could come in handy for any homeowner, regardless of their schedule or lifestyle. From the busiest professionally working homeowners, to those who are just as busy at home, a smart speaker will simplify your daily tasks and make them much easier to accomplish. Dividing your day and conquering each chore in an organized and efficient manner can become much easier using a smart speaker paired with voice assistance.

If you already have a smart home, this gadget can be even more helpful for you. A smart speaker allows you to communicate much better with your home. You can simply speak to your smart home, and watch your smart speaker carry out all the tasks for you. You may even use it to create the perfect ambience by controlling gadgets such as your smart lights by using voice commands.

Garage Door Opener

A garage door is one of the main entrances to your home. It provides direct access inside, which means it must be properly secured to avoid any mishaps. If your garage door uses electricity to operate, it may be consuming the most energy out of all the appliances in your home – especially if it is an outdated version of the gadget.

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A smart garage door opener is an upgrade every home needs, because it will give your home the extra layer of protection it needs for one of its most exposed areas. This gadget is generally safer for homes with children or pets due to motion sensors, and can be accessed remotely at any time of the day for safer interactions. A garage door is an important part of your home, which means using the best possible technology in its operation may contribute in creating the ideal home for you.


Smart home automation is something which every homeowner who is looking to enhance their lifestyle should consider. It allows your home to become a much more comfortable living space, providing you with tools which can help upgrade your lifestyle.

Getting smart gadgets to replace your old ones will not only make your home more eco-friendly, it will help you function in a more efficient manner throughout your day. These gadgets may be a good place to start out with smart home automation since every home could benefit from this basic set of electronics.


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