If you have used or are already using Dyson products, you know how they are creatively designed to simplify your life and give you incomparable experience. The company is well known for its superior brands of vacuums, hair dryers etc. What’s more, the company is extremely loved and commands the attention of many thanks to its fair pricing. They also market their products with extended user-satisfaction guarantee and this is meant to instill confidence in you regarding their products.

Since the company keeps on launching new superior products, you are advised to keep an eye on their website so that you can be the first one to grab “hot deals” as they go live! However, we understand that you could be a guy on a busy schedule and keeping an eye on their web could be a task. If this is your case, worry less as we will keep you informed.Here we highlight the newest Dyson Products in Singapore that you should watch out for.The Newest Dyson Products in Singapore.

1. The Dyson V8

One of the newest and probably the most interesting Dyson products you should go for is The Dyson V8 vacuum. This one has been creatively designed in such a manner that it beats the rest in the market when you consider things such as weight (made from lightweight materials). Better yet, this vacuum dryer is said to be a great value for money. This can be justified considering its ease of use and reliable performance.

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2. Dyson BigBall Multi-floor vacuum

This totally differs from other vacuum cleaners in the sense that it offers more storage space for the dirt while working. You will love it that it offers semi-detached rolling canisters with plenty of room compared to other choices. You will experience less hassle when emptying the canisters and hence it’s a great value for the money.

3. Dyson Light-Cycle Morph

Other than just vacuum and hair dryers, Dyson is also well-known for its amazing lighting products. Their impressive superior quality lights will transform and perform as per your intended activities (that’s whether you need lighting amid daytime or night). What sets this Dyson light apart is the amazing features – you can’t believe it that they have designed it a manner that it’s controlled via a mobile app.

4. Dyson V8 Animal

Most users of Dyson products will willingly swear by this one. For one, it’s cheaper compared to its top competitor, highly mobile and cordless. More so it’s highly powerful, lightweight and comes with a compact charging cord which enhances storage.

5. Dyson Corrales Hair Straightener

If you love your hair or love the hair of those who trust you for their beauty, sort yourself with this performing hair straightener that’s not like any other in the market. It’s the game changer you need to have if you have been struggling with your current hair straightener. You won’t have to struggle with it not to burn yourself – simply switch from side to side and rest assured it won’t burn you.

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As you can clearly see, Dyson Company never goes into sleep. They are ever working hard to offer you the best crazy deals you can’t resist. Grab any of these plus many other products from the company and rest assured you will never go wrong.


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