In an increasingly digital age, our reliance on the internet of things is growing exponentially. For programmers, new and established, this offers a wide range of opportunities. But what is the internet of things? And what do you need to know to use it.

What is the internet of things?

The internet of things refers to the concept of connecting any electronic device to the internet and other devices. Essentially, the internet of things is a huge network of connected objects and people. Specifically, it refers to objects or devices that serve a purpose and collect data about their environments and usage.

Common household objects that make up the internet of things include smart speakers, robotic vacuums, wearable tech, and security systems.

How does the internet of things work?

The internet of things uses an internet connection to record and store data about how smart objects are used. Sensors, voice recognition and image technology help are used to track your usage and the environment they operate in.

Why has the internet of things become a trend?

Our reliance on digital technology is fuelling the trend of the internet of things. Many of the objects and devices that make up the internet of things have become integral to our lives. In 2020, as the acceleration to digital platforms exploded, the internet of things became even more important.

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Tech trend predictions for 2021 firmly cement the internet of things as a bona-fide trend.

What are some of the languages of the internet of things?

As a programmer, getting the language right for your internet of things projects is vital. Luckily, many open-source hardware platforms such as the Arduino offer programmers the chance to work in many different languages.

For example, you could use Java, Python, C, Swift, or JavaScript to effectively program your internet of things devices. Each language has its own unique set of rules and uses. When starting out on an internet of things project, it is important to decide what the device needs to do, so you can use the right language in your programming.

What are some of the ways you can develop the internet of things?

There are several ways you can develop the internet of things as a programmer. Most commonly, this will involve building an app that works on an internet of things device. But it could also include building or programming the hardware used in devices that make up the internet of things.

Before you start building an internet of things app or device, there are some ethical considerations you need to take. First, you need to ensure data is collected, managed and stored legally and securely.

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Then, creating the right software and cloud storage solution for your internet of things platform needs to be carefully thought out and planned.

Finally, when creating your device or platform, take note of and use low impact hardware with wireless transmitters and private operating systems.


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