Who would not get amazed by how a watch works? Merely thinking about its movements and parts and how each piece functions would leave you in total awe. This is one of the primary reasons why there are people who became fond of collecting these timepieces.

Timepieces have been playing a significant role in our lives since the earlier years. Today, various watch companies have been introducing lots of collections available for everyone, and one of them is the Cartier Tank. That being said, this article will give some of the essential information about the brand and a few of its latest collections.

The Cartier Tank

The Cartier Tank watch is a phenomenon of first-class watchmaking. Elegance and simplicity is the peak of French watchmaking introduced by the most leading jeweler of the century. Jewelers are seldom capable of producing a sophisticated timepiece that collectors and critics admire. Surprisingly, the company managed to manufacture one of the most excellent and iconic watches in history.

The Cartier Tank is different from other luxury watches in the market. It offers wide variations of movements and styles provided at various price points to meet their client’s budgets. The options are almost infinite as they can choose from a range of straps, complications, metals, and movements. 

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Cartier Tank collections are mostly designed for the most stylish gentleman. Things like its capability to be paired with anything from casual attire to black tie or a timeless dress watch have been considered. Its collection has also become a favorite of some businessmen, aristocrats, and royalties.


The Tank started in the early 1900s and has become a historic timepiece. Though many watchmakers left the industry many years ago, there are still some who continued to manufacture the same model for a long time, and Cartier Tank is luckily one of them.

Louis Cartier created the first Tank in 1917 as a token for General John Pershing. After two years, it became hit in the public market. When he started the timepiece, he took out inspiration from the Renault tanks on the Western Front. Unlike most of the watches nowadays, the Tank manages to combine the casing’s vertical brancards and lugs.

The timepiece right away became classic because of its neat aesthetic look, hard edges, and crisp lines. After a year, when Louis presented a model to General Pershing, Cartier declared his latest timepiece and became available in 1919, where they only have six Tank watches on sale.

Some Of Its Latest Collection

Today, the Cartier Tank is being sold all over the world and became one of the most prominent collector pieces among horology experts. This also belongs to the list of luxury watches that are well-known to business tycoons, celebrities, world leaders, fashion designers, and military officers because of its quality. Here are a few of the company’s latest collection of watches.

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Cartier Tank Américaine WSTA0018

It is no surprise that Cartier has given us unique designs from its collections. Its Americaine Collection presents this model that still carries the Cartier’s trademark design. This showcases a  rectangular stainless steel casing, a silver dial that has blued steel hands and black indexes. 

The WSTA0018 has a dial that is surrounded with a stainless steel bezel and a blue alligator leather strap that will comfortably wrap around your wrist. It is a fashion statement on its own. One of its surprising features is its automatic movement, and it is water-resistant for up to meters. Both of these qualities make this watch ideal and suitable.

Cartier Tank Solo W5200026

When you’re looking for functionality with grace, you’ll find Cartier. Another collection from the brand is the Tank Solo W5200026. This one is a larger watch for men. It came with a rectangular 18kt pink gold case and topped with the outstanding scratch-resistant sapphire.

The W5200026 has a white dial with an oceanic blue hour and minute hands to complement its pink gold case. This model has a tang buckle on its strap, making it irresistible to people who have eyes and hearts for timepieces. If you think it is about time to give the Cartier a try, the Tank Solo may be the best for you.

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Tank Solo WSTA0030

Another model from the Tank Solo Collection is the WSTA0030. This came from the line of watches that all stand out when it comes to uniqueness and perfection. Even this unit has no escape from the brand’s signature attribute. This magnificent timepiece is for women who are into simple yet classy watches.

The WSTA0030 has an opaline silver rectangular dial with different black index and hour markers that enhances its clarity for the user’s convenience. It features a black leather strap for your comfortability, class, and style. This women’s watch is a perfect choice to style your wrist for any event.

Cartier Tank Francaise WSTA0005

The Cartier WSTA0005 came from the brand’s Tank Francaise collection, exclusively made for women. The model has a silver and grained dial that shows a cabochon shaped spinel. This watch’s dial is a combination of blue steel sword-shaped hands and Roman numerals in color black.

The WSTA0005’s case and bracelet are made out of steel, making it reliable when it comes to strength and durability. Its watch glass is made from sapphire crystals while its bezel is fixed. The watch’s caliber is also in quartz type. It also features water-resistance for up to 30 meters.

Tank Solo W5200004

The model Tank Solo W5200004 is one from the Tank Solo Unisex collection. This valuable watch has a silver dial with blue steel minute hands and black roman numerals. Its case is made from steel and 18k yellow gold. Just like any other Tank model, its glass is also made of sapphire crystals, keeping it from getting scratched.

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Even though many watch brands are available in the market today, the Cartier Tank watches still never lose their fame when it comes to quality and style. Take a look at their collection and see it yourself!


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