One of the most important and used tools in our house is the kitchen knife. There would be no way to get by without one since we have to prepare every meal we eat with one. This is why it is strange that we don’t tend to take better care of our knives.

Although there are self-sharpening knives out there, the majority of the ones we find in people’s kitchens are ordinary knives that get dull over time. Since a dull knife is far more dangerous than a sharp one, it makes sense to keep them sharp. Sharpening your own knives using a knife sharpening stone is a skill that is very helpful to know these days. In this article, we will go over several of the reasons why you should learn how to do it.

1 – Sharp knives are safer

It seems counterintuitive, but when a knife is very sharp it is far less dangerous than when it is dull. The reason is that when a knife is dull it requires more force to use to cut through things. When you have to force your way through to make sure you cut the vegetable or meat then you are not fully in control.

This means that the knife can slip and cut you. Since you are using a lot of force then this can mean serious trouble. A sharp knife is going to require very little force to cut. In fact, it will be so sharp that the knife does the work of cutting with very little needed from you. When you can use a gentle touch then you are far more in control and a slip of the knife is less likely to injure you.

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When you aren’t sharpening your knives then you have to live with dangerous, dull knives. Many people don’t have two sets of knives so you can be using one set while the other is sent out for sharpening. Doing it yourself is the most logical way.

2 – It saves you money

If you really want your knives sharp then your choice is to do it yourself or to send them out to be sharpened. This can be quite costly as knife sharpeners are not very common. They also don’t have a lot of demand so they can’t necessarily work on volume. This means that their prices are going to be naturally high.

There is another alternative and that is to get rid of your knives when they get dull. This is obviously going to be very expensive and wasteful. You will be going through knives several times per year if you were to do this.

When you decide to sharpen them yourself then you will end up saving money over time. It costs a bit to buy the whetstones but they eventually pay for themselves in the savings you’ll get. When you sharpen your knives they also last a lot longer so you spend less by not buying new knives frequently.

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