An indispensable tool for drawing on the tablet is the tablet pen. But which one to choose among the many on the market?

There are many types of pen for tablets on the market that combine the convenience of freehand writing with the convenience of using your touchscreen device.
Below you will find some of what we believe to be the best tablet pens.


Mixoo METRO-1SPD is a fine tip tablet pen. This is a good product, excellent design with a transparent disc with high touch sensitivity. The pen body is made of stainless steel and aluminum and features two disc tips and a stylus fiber tip. This tablet pen provides a very pleasant writing experience, light and equipped with a clip to carry it comfortably in your purse or pocket.
It is a pen for Samsung tablets but not only: it is actually a universal product compatible with the most famous Apple tablets, Kindles, Samsung Tabs, but also Android and iOS smartphones.

Sotical K811B

Sotical K811B is a tablet pen compatible with Samsung and with most iOS, Android and Windows touch devices and smartphones of all kinds. It has a unique design and can be recharged in just 60 minutes, supports up to 12-18 hours of continuous use and 30 days of standby time, automatically turns off after half an hour of inactivity.
This tablet pen has 1.6mm double fine touch tip, multi-function, can be used for sketching and drawing, handwriting recognition, ideal for any kind of graphic use.


AIKILO AL-SF is among the best tablet pens, it has Microsoft certification, so it can be used with all Scarface devices.
This tablet pen features a fine tip made of anti-friction plastic and is very smooth, equipped with a convenient erase button; the tip diameter is 1.5mm for an extremely precise writing experience.
In addition, the pen works with the AAAA battery which offers up to 200 hours of work and up to 360 days of stand-by; it is activated by keeping the button pressed for 5 seconds, while to turn it off 10 seconds.

DIY tablet pen

If you don’t feel like spending money on this handy device, you can make a DIY tablet pen.
First, get what you need:

  • 30 cm of aluminum foil
  • Scotch tape
  • a pencil without a tip
  • a sharp knife to blunt the pencil.

Use a sharp knife to give the pencil a tip at a slight, flat angle. Don’t tip the pencil as if you were going to use it to write.
At this point, wrap the entire pencil with at least two layers of aluminum foil. Carefully fold it over the tip. Spread the foil over the tip of the pencil. It should be smooth and flat in that spot, with no folds or bumps. If the tip is not flat, the pen may not work.
Wrap a piece of masking tape around the center of the pencil. This will secure the foil. Line the tip of the pen with masking tape. This way you won’t scratch the screen with the foil.
At this point the DIY tablet pen is ready and all that remains is to try it on your device. In case the tablet pen doesn’t work, try making the tip even flatter. Remember that it should be at least the size of an eraser, otherwise the touch screen will not recognize it.

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