Tablets for children have become very popular as an educational system. On the market there are many types and for all ages. Let’s see them together.

Choosing the right Tablet by age group

When choosing tablets for children, first of all it is important to think about the age of the child and the purpose of use.

Tablet for children 3-4 years

Good tablets for children aged 3 to 4 to learn and learn can be: Clemstation 5.0, Chicco HAPPY TAB, or My Tab Laptop Smart Kid. These are special tablets designed for younger children which contain a vast library of educational software and teaching applications.

Tablet for children 5-6 years

A good android tablet for children aged 5 to 6 is the Lisciani Mio Tab 7 or the Clempad 7. These tablets have a robust design and also have child-friendly internet access. Android applications can be downloaded from the market.

Tablet for children 6-12 years

Among the tablets suitable for children aged 6 to 12 years and for general family use, the advice is to buy an android tablet such as the Lisciani Mio Tab Family Edition Tablet 3 in 1 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Tablet designed for adults. and children.

Some of the best tablets

Below we will list some of the best devices currently on the market suitable for use by children.

Clempad 7.0 Plus

The Clempad 7.0 Plus tablet is a tablet for children from Clementoni and is an excellent tool for children and teenagers aged 6 to 12, versatile and with many features that make it practical and fun. It boasts very fast performance, is very comfortable to hold and with a large 8 “screen. In addition, its battery has a good life.

My Tab 7 ″ Smart Kid Special Edition

My Tab 7 is a great tablet for children aged 3 to 8. You will find more than 300 educational apps in the Lisciani Appdattica store. You can take photos and videos and as parents you can rest easy thanks to the parental control from which you can manage the tablet. It can be used both as a tablet and as a notebook.

ClemPhone 7

This is another Clementoni children’s tablet with a 5-inch screen and excellent performance. Parents can always stay in touch with their children and they can have fun with ClemTV, the Clementoni channel dedicated to children.

What are the factors to consider when buying a children’s tablet?

It is very important to choose a tablet that is appropriate for your child.
There are some important factors to consider. In particular:

  • Parental control. It is important that parents keep track of how children use this device, since third-party applications, curiosity or a clumsy click, can lead the child to view content that is not suitable for his age. With parental controls you can also set a time limit for using the tablet.
  • Applications and Software. The applications are as important as the tablet, as they must be suitable for the child, his age and his natural and temperamental predisposition (does he like to draw or read more?).
  • Robustness and durability. The tablet you buy will face many falls and bumps, so you have to consider the build quality. There are tablets that come with a protective case (Kid – safe), while others will need a case bought separately.
  • Ease of use. Children learn very quickly, but the advice is still to choose a device that has an intuitive interface to involve and entertain the child who otherwise might soon get bored with the new game.
  • Battery life. When the tablet is used for many hours, it is important that the battery lasts as long as necessary. See if the battery is proprietary, or AA batteries are used. In this last case, the advice is to buy rechargeable batteries.
  • Customer care. Not all parents are technology experts, so rely on a manufacturer who can provide complete after-sales assistance.
  • Customer Reviews. Remember to read the reviews of those who bought a tablet before you. You will discover unexpected pros and cons!
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