Our services include proactive monitoring and management, cyber security services, training, and IT strategy recommendations to small and medium businesses throughout Glasgow. Taking a holistic view of your needs, we determine if your IT infrastructure is performing optimally to assist your business goals. Our priority is you and your needs at Texaport. We work closely with your business to gain an in-depth understanding of your targets, so that we can develop an IT support strategy that is aligned with your business goals. So you can focus on managing your business, let us take care of your technology issues.


Support for Information Technology


Our fully managed IT support Glasgow and security services include proactive monitoring, cybersecurity accreditation, training, and strategic IT planning.

We offer outsourced IT Support services that save your business money by providing hands-on support at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring employees to perform this task. You can also save time and reduce headaches associated with managing IT systems, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

To provide IT support, we start by taking a holistic view of your business’s needs to make sure your system is working for you across all key areas. Having gained a deep understanding of a client’s business, we then formulate recommendations on how to either develop a new and reliable IT structure to best meet your needs, or enhance an existing structure to ensure it is fully aligned to your strategic aims and aspirations.

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How does cyber security work? 


  • Reducing the risk of cyber attacks by implementing policies and procedures
  • Data and devices protection for your business
  • Computer and IT security threats are being informed and educated to users
  • Information access tracking and management


Nearly all businesses and organisations are concerned about cybersecurity. There are more and more incidents of cybercrime, IT and computer security breaches. Legal implications aside, these breaches pose a serious threat to your financial viability and operations.

Texaport is fully accredited by the UK Government to provide key cybersecurity standards to clients in Edinburgh. In addition, we offer a wide range of services related to IT security across all aspects of your IT system, along with in-house training your people. As a result, your Edinburgh business or organization will be protected from the most common threats and will demonstrate your commitment to data protection.


To take your business to the next level, use Cloud Services 


Experience the benefits of cloud computing


  • Reducing the cost of hardware ownership
  • Develop disaster recovery and business continuity strategies
  • Make use of collaboration and communication technologies


Cloud Services from Texaport can help you take your business or organization to new heights. By migrating your systems and using our services, you will enjoy significant cost savings, better security, and greater accessibility throughout your operations, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with enhanced data security.

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Our Cloud Services and computing resources are tailored to each client’s individual business needs with sector-specific solutions that will give you a competitive advantage and measurable value.


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