Solar Street Lights: A name that lightens up everyone’s mind just within a few seconds. Gone are the days when we depend upon the standard grid electric lighting system. Yet these sources were too impactful but still, they failed to acquire that level of familiarity due to certain reasons. The standard grid electric lighting systems fail to provide light during electricity failures. A street is a place that needs to lighten up overnight and that’s why people have started shifting towards solar street lights in the last few years. These lights have emerged as a greater alternative to standard grid electric lighting. They not only lighten up your streets overnight but also are an eco-friendly option to go along with.

The best thing about this lighting option is that it doesn’t need to stay dependent on the electricity currently. These are energy-efficient lighting options that require solar power for charging up. These lights are highly economical and environmentally friendly and can be easily customizable in terms of their brightness and wattage requirements.

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How does the solar street light work?

The solar LED street lights work on a very simple principle. These lights have been raised light sources that are being powered by photovoltaic panels. These types of lights are usually being integrated into the poles or are being mounted on the raised lighting structures. The photovoltaic panels included in the solar street lights usually charge up the battery that is further being used for powering up the LED lamps during night hours. The solar street lights are often battery-based systems that store energy from the solar panels and are further being used during night hours.

The involvement of the dusk to dawn sensors is another wonderful feature of these kinds of street light options. One doesn’t need to turn on or off the integrated solar street lights any day. The sensors involved in the solar street lights make the lights turn on during the evening and turn it off during the morning. These lights use the daylight for charging up their battery.

Features of Solar Street Lights

The developing technology has made solar street lights more efficient. These are supposed to be the most economical and eco-friendly lighting options in the series that provide you seamless light during night hours and that too without depending upon the electricity supply. The main features of these types of lighting systems are:

  • The solar street lights are being featured with automatic dusk to dawn sensors that don’t require any manual effort for getting turned on and off. One does need to change the settings of these solar street lights for different weather conditions as these lights are designed to work automatically. These lights usually turn on when the natural light dims out and gets out and even turns on during cloudy weather conditions.
  • The solar street lights are designed to provide cable-free operations. These lights don’t require any lighting solution or annoying cables to work with. The solar street lights are designed to be free from wiring clutter. These are a bit different from the traditional street lights and the entire body of the product is usually being concise and concealed. These lights don’t require any additional wiring on the outside.
  • The solar street lights are not designed to work for the fixed hours only. The number of working hours of these lights usually depends upon different factors such as weather conditions, geographical locations, seasons, and the availability of the lights. Environmental conditions when it doesn’t receive enough sunlight for prolonged periods such as consistent rains, cloudy atmosphere, and wintry days can dim out the light.
  • Solar street lights are often designed to provide high transmission of light. These lights are featured with optical grade materials and that ensures users have high average light transmission. These lights often provide the highest possible efficiency and larger coverage area than that of the traditional electric grid lights due to the involvement of ideal color mixing results.
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Different Types of Solar Street Lights

Whether it is the working process or the functionality, these features are almost the same in the majority of the models. There are mainly four different kinds of solar street lights that are widely used.

Solar CFL Street Lights

These are high luminous efficient solar light options that are being used by the majority of the people out there. These solar powered light options are famous for their brightness of the light and minimal operational costs. These light options often come up with 12/15/18/24W capacity and require 12 Volts DC power to run on.  

Solar LED Street Light

Solar LED Street Light does come up with custom and standard variants. These types of solar lights are often quite easy to install and provide highly refractive acrylic fittings. These lights often come up with 6/9/12/15/18/24 W options. These lights work well on 12 Volts DC voltage options.

Solar FLOOD Street Light

These types of solar street lights are designed to provide maximum area coverage and provide the highest luminance. These solar lights often come up with the capacity option of 15/18/24 W option and works well on 15 Volts DC power.

All-in-one Street Light

The All-in-one solar street light is the most user-friendly solar lights option that doesn’t require any kind of cables for installation. These are energy-efficient solar light options that work with an efficient lithium battery.

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These are lightweight solar lights that come up with 9/15/18/24 W capacity and require 12 Volts DC power to work on.


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