Aesthetic medicine has become popular over time where many individuals have embraced the techniques. It is a vital part of minimizing the effects of aging and restoring a youthful look. People also use aesthetics to keep fit and achieve natural contoured bodies.

There are different techniques involved in aesthetics including, laser technology, regenerative medicine, and more. If you are looking to transform your appearance, Atlanta John David Mullins, MD PC is a highly experienced aesthetic surgeon to consider. Schedule your consultation online or call the practice today for more information.

Dr. Mullins uses various techniques to improve the appearance of all parts of your body, including your skin, breasts, hair, and your shape. Regenerative medicine is among the new and most promising future of aesthetics.

Dr. Mullins offers regenerative medicine to rejuvenate, brighten and transform your body. Keep reading to discover how regenerative medicine can improve your appearance.

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine works by activating the body’s natural healing ability. It allows repair of damaged cells, and the development of new cells, hence improving cellular function.

 Regenerative medicine treats different health concerns, including relieving pain in various chronic health conditions. It also provides a non-surgical treatment option for cosmetic issues.

It stimulates new tissue growth, increasing volume to enhance curves and contours. Regenerative therapies also activate the production of new collagen, responsible for skin strength and elasticity. It allows skin rejuvenation and tightening without surgical interventions.

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What cosmetic concerns does regenerative medicine address?

Dr. Mullins is an expert in regenerative medicine with extensive training and experience. He applies his knowledge to:

·         Lift sagging breasts

·         Improve sagging facial skin

·         Enhance breast volume

·         Plump hollow cheeks

·         Enhance tissue regeneration

Dr. Mullins may combine regenerative medicine with surgical procedures to give you the most excellent results.

Which regenerative treatment options are available?

Different regenerative therapies can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, depending on your concerns. Your provider discusses your expected results to recommend the most effective treatment. Your treatment option may include

PRP therapy

This therapy involves using the growth factors present in your blood. Platelets allow blood clotting after injury, promoting healing. Platelet-rich plasma applies the function of platelets to boost your skin health, texture, elasticity, tone, and volume.

Stem cell therapy

Stem cells can specialize into any specialized cell in your body. They enhance the production of new healthy cells that may help lift sagging skin, add breast volume and make other helpful body changes.

Stem cells also have exomes that stimulate cells renewal, strengthening the surrounding tissues.

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Dr. Mullins also offers non-autologous regenerative medicine that promotes blood flow, enhancing speed recovery and skin rejuvenation.

The bottom line

Regenerative medicine enhances the production of new cells that allows repair and renewing of the existing partitions. It stimulates skin rejuvenation by tightening, smoothening, and strengthening your skin.

Regenerative medicine provides an effective non-surgical treatment option to improve your appearance.

Consult an aesthetic surgeon today

If you are considering improving your appearance, why not try it with regenerative medicine. It is safe and natural. Contact Dr. Mullins today to schedule your consultation.


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