Pennsylvania has been generating buzz among home buyers for years, but it has really expanded recently. There are plenty of reasons to move here, from the history and beautiful outdoor areas to top colleges and universities. Planning your move to Pennsylvania will require a lot of preparation, but you can start planning today with the right tools. Below, you will find tips to help make it easier.

Reasons to Move to Pennsylvania

In addition to the beautiful scenery you will find across the state, there are lots of reasons people are flocking to Pennsylvania. 

  • Affordable housing. While Bethlehem was named Philadelphia’s most affordable city to live in by Livability, even major cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh offer lower living costs compared to other East Coast cities.
  • Thriving job market. There are always opportunities for new businesses that create new jobs, as well as many options for people to enter their desired careers.
  • Higher education options. The state is home to several prestigious colleges, which is perfect for those who are looking to expand their education or who have children entering college soon.
  • Rich history. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were written in Pennsylvania, which is also home to the Liberty Bell.
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Cable Services in Philadelphia

Cable TV has been a staple in the American household for years. Just because you are moving to a new city or state does not mean that you should have to do without until you are settled. Several cable providers in Philadelphia, PA, and other cities can provide you with the services you need. Top providers include Cablevision, Armstrong, Charter, and Comcast. Smartmove can help you get everything set up and ready for your arrival.

Phone Providers in Pennsylvania

Deciding which provider to use for your phone service when moving to Pennsylvania will depend on pricing, features, and reliability. Fortunately, there are several options for landline services in Philadelphia and other cities throughout the state, and you can sometimes get both landline and mobile service at the same company. Phone service has come a long way, and you will find good call clarity and fair pricing.

Internet Providers in Pennsylvania

With over 93% of internet customers in Pennsylvania having access to speeds of over 100 Mbps, you will find quality service no matter what city you choose. What speed you need depends on how you plan to use your internet service. For example, basic web use only requires speeds of 4 Mbps, while online gaming and streaming 4K video require higher speeds.

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Top providers include CenturyLink and RCN for fiber internet services. For DSL services, you will find that Frontier is a top contender. You can also opt for traditional cable internet services from Optimum and Xfinity. Pennsylvania also offers several satellite internet providers, such as Viasat and HughesNet.

Resources for Moving to Pennsylvania

SmartMove is here to help you plan your move and make sure it is as stress-free as possible. Whether you are looking for internet, cable, phone, or a combination of the three, we can help you find the option that is right for you. We know that Pennsylvania moving expenses can make moving difficult, and we are here to do what we can to make it easier. 


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