Famous for containing abundant Vitamin C, oranges are not the only fruit having this vitamin.

A medium-sized orange has 70 mg of vitamin C packed in it, which can be instantly obtained by simply eating an orange or having its juice. Both taste delicious and healthy. 

This can fulfill almost 80% of the daily value for vitamin C as the daily value (DV) is 90 mg which makes it the famous source of vitamin C.


Vitamin C has great health benefits, from boosting immunity to complementing your skin it helps in various metabolic processes as well. 

The purest form of Vitamin C, Ascorbic acid is responsible for maintaining healthy body weight as it reduces the bad cholesterol accumulation in your body, it also promotes the synthesis and production of red blood cells, aiding into circulation, it provides a vasodilatory effect and reduces the oxidative stress by eliminating free radicals in your body. Through all these mechanisms, Vitamin C lowers the risk of certain systemic diseases and promotes physical and psychological well-being.

Vitamin C can prevent erectile dysfunction:

The C vitamin is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that has a positive effect on the circulation and controls the risk factors that lead to erection deficit like obesity, hypertension diabetes, e.t.c. Erectile dysfunction occurs in men due to the lack of blood flow to the genitals in the later ages as the arteries are not resilient enough to bear the high blood pressures and oxidative stress. But if you take the daily value of Vitamin C regularly, it helps maintain your circulatory system in a healthy state and prevent the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. Medicines are available for treating erectile dysfunction and you can buy them online. Click on our website if you want to buy Vilitra 40mg Vardenafil  and other medicines for erectile dysfunction at affordable prices.

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What other foods except oranges contain Vitamin C?

So many people don’t know that there are foods that contain an equal or more amount of vitamin C, however are not recognized as much as orange for this specific vitamin.

  1. Broccoli: 100 grams of broccoli contain 89.2 milligrams of vitamin C that is close to the DV of 90 mg. Broccoli helps repair damaged tissues and improve immune function because of the presence of vitamin C.
  2. Bell peppers: 1 cup chopped bell peppers contain 120 mg of vitamin C that is comparatively more than a medium-size orange. Bell peppers are rich in antioxidants which help keep the heart and eyes in a healthy state. The vitamin C content in green and red bell peppers is good for promoting collagen synthesis and cancer prevention as well.
  3. Kale: 100 grams of kale contains 120 mg of vitamin C that is more than an orange. Kale is a healthy leafy vegetable that also contains Vitamin A, B, K, and omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it good for bones, immunity, eyes, heart health, digestion, and weight loss. 
  4. Papaya: Papaya is not a citrus fruit but still contains more vitamin C in abundance. 100 grams of papaya contains 60.9 mg of vitamin C alongside other vitamins, iron, carbohydrates, potassium, and proteins. 
  5. Mango: 100 grams of mango flesh contains 36.4 mg of vitamin C, which means that having one full-size mango can provide you enough vitamin C in summers. By performing collagen synthesis, mangoes are good for repairing blood vessels and keeping good circulation. 
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These were some of the fruits and vegetables that can provide you enough vitamin C to fulfill the daily value requirements, and you no more need to crave the orange season for having healthy, fresh-looking skin. 


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