Addiction is nothing to take lightly. Almost 21 million Americans are addicted to something, whether it be exercise, food, drugs, alcohol, or any other act/substance. Whether it is an issue with cocaine, illicit drugs, or anything else that is unhealthy for your wellbeing and sanity, addiction kills thousands of Americans each year.

Drug overdose deaths have tripled since 1990, showing the current crisis America is in at the moment. From 1999 to 2017. Over 70,000 Americans died from a drug overdose. Finding help for an addiction is not a luxury, it is a necessity for staying alive and getting your life back again.

What is the benefit of opioid treatment programs?

Opioid abuse is a serious issue that needs to be tackled in order to be cured. In this case, those suffering from this addiction will have life-threatening consequences if they do not check themselves into an inpatient program or intensive outpatient program in their local area.

Finding opioid treatment programs can help you find others who are in a similar situation, creating a bond between those in recovery and strengthening adherence to the program’s rules, see more to learn about it.

Search online for opioid treatment programs near you, beginning with websites like:

  • Health and Human Services
  • Local facilities in your area – ex: The Edge Treatment in Orange County, Adcare Treatment Hospital in Massachusetts, Recovery First Treatment Center in Florida, Laguna Treatment Hospital in California, Oxford Treatment Center in Mississippi, Sunrise House Treatment Center in New Jersey, or Resolutions Recovery Resources in various locations around the United States
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What is opioid abuse?

Opioid abuse is the misuse of prescription drugs. Almost 30% of patients who were prescribed opioids for chronic pain have misused them, either taking too much at one time or extending their prescription beyond what it should be. Between 8 and 12% of people using opioids for chronic pain develop an opioid use disorder.

Opioid abuse is a serious and life-threatening issue that needs more attention in the health industry. This issue has become a crisis with heart-wrenching consequences, including substantial increases in drug misuse, overdoses, and neonatal abstinence syndrome.

How can opioid abuse be cured?

In response to the current crisis in America, the Department of Health and Human Services has made more resources widely available to everyone in the country. There are major priorities the government is focusing on when it comes to opioid treatment programs  and the rehabilitation of individuals:

  • Promoting the use of reversing agents when it comes to overdoses
  • Practicing better methods for pain management instead of prescribing drugs
  • Providing support for research on addiction
  • Getting a better understanding of the opioid crisis
  • Improving access to opioid treatment programs


Finding opioid treatment programs near you is the next step when battling addiction that is taking over your life. To avoid becoming a statistic in the latest opioid crisis happening in America, those who are suffering from addiction must take action to regain their life and health.

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