There’s no denying that moving abroad can be a very stressful process. There are a lot of steps you need to take before your arrival, and it’s better to be on top of everything as soon as possible. However, knowing where to get started can be challenging. Packing up your entire life and saying goodbye to everything you have ever known is difficult, even with the excitement that awaits you.

Below we are going to take a look at eight things you can do to prepare yourself before moving abroad.

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Save, save and save.

You probably already know how important it is to save before your move at the apartments near Washington, but whatever number you think will be enough, double it.  There are so many different expenses, and you also want to have enough left over for any emergencies. Some of the costs you’ll need to have money put aside for include:

– Insurance.

– Housing and accommodation.

– Utilities. Including WIFI, phone bill, etc.

– Flights and transport.

– Packing and storage.

– Visa and passport.

Make sure that you calculate everything in advance and look at the average cost of living in the country of your choice. Once your financial health is secure, you’ll be much more at ease.

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Do thorough research.

Every country is unique with its own individual laws and customs. Before your arrival, it’s important that you do thorough research to avoid any misunderstandings. Alongside visiting the local government website, check out forums and blogs for more information. You’ll need to know what support services are available, what regulations you have to follow, and what transport options are out there. You might even see if you can find expat groups with other individuals who are in the same situation.

Gather the right paperwork.

A lot of paperwork is required before you can move abroad, and it’s better to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Visas and passports can take months to be approved, and you don’t want it to delay your journey. You also may need to get prescriptions from your doctor, work and professional references, and vaccination records for any pets. Trust us when we say you’ll be grateful for being prepared.

Get health insurance.

Without a doubt, one of the most important things you need to do to prepare yourself before moving abroad is to get health insurance. You may think you don’t need it, but a single visit to the hospital could cost you thousands of dollars. In some cases, you may even be refused care. Check out Cigna Global to get started. Not only are they reputable, but they provide excellent cover for more than 200 countries around the world.

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Plan housing in advance.

Before you move to another country, it’s a good idea to plan out housing in advance. Staying in accommodation can chew up your finances, and it could take weeks before you find a suitable place. If you’re unable to locate an appropriate rental, do a quick online search for alternative arrangements such as Airbnb’s. They are usually cheaper and will help you get by until you find a new home. If you’re moving abroad for work purposes, your company may also offer short and long-term options.

Minimize your life.

You should already know how difficult moving house can be, but it’s even more challenging when you’re going to another country. You can’t simply hire a van and drive to your new destination. This is why it’s best to minimize your life and try to fit everything you need into one or two suitcases. Sell your belongings online or see if it’s possible for friends and family to store them. Not only will it be much easier to travel, but it will give you some extra cash for your savings.

Cancel subscriptions and inform essential providers.

Another step that can take quite a bit of time is canceling any of your subscriptions and providers. From informing your bank and phone company to redirecting mail, there are a lot of people you will need to contact. It’s best to do this before you leave, as it will be a much more straightforward process. You don’t want to rack up debt from gym memberships and other subscriptions that you are no longer using!

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Say goodbye to family and friends.

Finally, the last thing you need to do before you leave the country is to make sure that you schedule in time to say goodbye to all of your family and friends. You will get homesick, and one last get-together is important. Plan a family BBQ, head out to your favorite restaurant, and make sure that you find ways to keep in touch. Just because you are moving abroad doesn’t mean that you can’t remain close with those that love you.


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