Do you feel worried about this state of uncertainty? You are definitely not alone. If you’re seeking ways to cope with the uncertainty, consider adding meditation to your daily practice. Meditation is an ancient technique that is gaining popularity. It eases anxiety, increases self-awareness, improves attention, supports emotional well-being, and more.


Many people associate meditation with sitting cross-legged humming “ommm” and focusing on breathing. But, meditation may take many different forms. It could be your alone time on the Playamo App, or it could be an hour-long walk in the park. Essentially, it could be anything you choose.


Download Apps for Meditating

Having difficulty remaining focused when attempting to meditate by yourself? Applications like Calm and Headspace may be lifesavers when it comes to staying on track. These applications are for guided meditation. This means a narrator guides you through the process in the same way that a fitness teacher does through a workout. Although Headspace and Calm approach guided meditation differently, both apps are top-rated.


Headspace takes a more “meditation-made-simple” approach. The app ensures that all guided meditations are delivered in a digestible manner. Headspace employs vehicles as metaphors for ideas. It claims that the thoughts running through your head are like cars arriving and leaving down a busy street. To make it a bit more digestible, the app includes animated meditation instructions. The bulk of the meditations follows the same format, starting with a distinct mindfulness training to get you in the zone.

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Calm is like Headspace. Both offer daily meditations, meditation lessons, and nocturnal meditations. But, given the variety of meditations available, Calm is far less simple than Headspace. The app also adds variety to the experience by combining meditation sounds for an extra peaceful effect. It even offers guided meditation sessions given by various professionals and prominent people.


Follow Brands That Promote Mindfulness on Social Media

Mindfulness and social media don’t go together, but there are ways to get your zen fix right in your feed. Following mindfulness and meditation accounts on social media may be a solution. You can stay on top of well-being trends, learn new types of meditation, and receive reminders during the day to keep you focused.


Unplug frequently shares informative lessons. These include useful reminders, yoga live streams, mindfulness advice, and more. Anchor Meditation is yet another meditation institution to follow. Remote meditation sessions are available at the studio. Dr. Nikki Starr is a medical doctor who has transitioned into a meditation specialist. She shares positive thoughts, encourages self-love, and offers thoughtful techniques.


Create Your Own Zen

People become fixated on the concept of what meditation should be. Instead, they can think about how they might practice under their own conditions. The traditional method of meditation is not for everyone. In reality, you can meditate through any activity, as long as you do it with intention. Meditation is a fantastic opportunity to be innovative.  There are several ways for you to be calm and aware of your unique style.

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Exercising is one of the most popular methods; it is a wonderful way to focus on your body via movement. Some individuals jog without headphones to concentrate on their breath and actions. Others consider yoga a type of active meditation since it incorporates the best of both worlds. Tasks that demand concentration are also excellent ways to keep your attention in the present moment. You may take up cooking or baking to help you concentrate on the task. Others have discovered that self-care practices may be relaxing as well. Introduce mindfulness into these activities by concentrating on touch, sensation, and movement. See if it makes you feel more centered and calm.


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