Playing roulette is admittedly one of the most stimulating table games available in a casino. Now it is brought to you in the highest quality HD via NetEnt live casino. This is a realistic Roulette game that is being shown live around the clock from a high-tech state of the art studio in Malta. Only the best live dealers can be found spinning the wheel of the roulette tables at this quality best payout online casino. All the best NetEnt casinos will have this in their casinos in the near future. The live casino offers a number of different types of roulette games, as well as other table games such as live Blackjack.

Live roulette with live dealer

There are a number of Roulette tables available at the best NetEnt casinos. The first one actually has a live dealer, as in a human being, dealing the cards and engaging in conversation with the players should they wish. The dealer also talks through the game, letting the players know what is going on and who has won. This can be a great way to interact with other people instead of just the computer. Although some players prefer not to have someone constantly pointing out the obvious, but for these players there is always the mute button. When you are on a roulette table you can choose from a few different cameras so you can see the table and wheel from different angles. This gives the live Roulette table complete transparency.

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Automated live roulette

Another mode of playing live roulette which NetEnt has released is the automated roulette table. This is still a live casino game;however, the dealer is not present at the table. The game works by having the roulette ball shoot out of a hole and onto the spinning roulette wheel. Although this not live in the sense that live dealer roulette is, the ball is being rotated in real time at a real studio. This is a more attractive way of playing for those players who do not care too much for the real feel of a casino and are there to play the table game that they know and love so well. Roulette is of course the most popular meilleur casino en ligne table game in the world, so having a variety of different tables and ways to play it is a very smart thing for all best NetEnt casinos to offer.

European live roulette

The European version of live Roulette has 36 numbers on the wheel and a zero. This is the most common type of roulette found in all the best NetEnt casinos and now in the live casino section too. The players of this type of roulette can place their bets as usual on any of the numbers on the table, or in the middle of two, three or four of the numbers. When bets are placed in this way then the player will get to reap the benefits of all numbers covered by his or her bet albeit to a lesser win amount. There are always the 50 – 50 options to choose from such as red or black and odd or even. There are also three other options that you can choose to place you bets on, the 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12. This means that you will be betting that the number you bet on will be a number in the set of 12 numbers you have chosen.

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French live roulette

This is very similar to European live Roulette with the best you can place and the rules of playing the game. However, this time players at the best NetEnt casinos get the option to bet on the first 18 number (1 – 18) or the second 18 number (19 – 36). You can also choose to place the bet on P or M or D. This is basically top, middle or bottom. If for example you choose the top (P) then you will be betting on all the top 12 numbers in the first square. This is great way to place high value bets and still have the chance to win on 12 numbers. So far these are the 2 types of Roulette available, but American Roulette should be on the cards if the NetEnt live casino keeps on gaining popularity at the speed it is.


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