The majority of people link Lidar with detectors that allow self-driving. However, there is an increasing number of applications for this technology that provides new opportunities for investors.

Innovations in self-driving vehicles and other smart gadgets are driving the demand for Lider stocks. This has triggered the growth of Lidar firms innovating in this field.

What is Lidar, And How is it Used?

This is a short form of “Light Detection and Ranging.” It works by utilizing short bursts of light from a laser to make a 3-D rendering of an environment or object. Devices with Lidar sense objects near them and then process a vast amount of data to define information like their direction, speed of movement, and size. That is why Lidar is one of the core technologies in the detectors that might allow self-driving vehicles to run safely.

However, most people don’t know that Lidar uses the newest smartphone and other automated gadgets such as robot vacuum cleaners, which use Lidar to scan the environment and maneuver through a room.

Furthermore, Lidar is commonly used for imaging and measuring in a collection of scientific disciplines such as archaeology, oceanography, seismology, forestry, robotic and atmospheric physics. It is not surprising that LiDAR stock is attracting many investors.

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Benefits of Lidar

Lidar provides numerous benefits over other technologies like radar since light tends to have a short wavelength. By transferring repeated laser bursts, lidar offers a clear picture of the given targets.

For instance, lidar detectors on some phones can offer users instantaneous estimates of the target object’s shape, size, and distance. This is an ability that has facilitated a better experience of the improved reality.

Furthermore, as IoT (the internet of things) moves towards progressively autonomous and interconnected machines, those gadgets will require sophisticated sensors to run effectively and safely. This is another excellent reason why Lidar firms and Lidar stocks are drawing attention from investors.

Lidar stocks to watch in 2022

Many new lidar companies are getting into the market these years. Luminar and Velodyne are some of the lidar technology stocks that attracted investors’ attention over the years.


As the most prominent single Lidar firm, Luminar has shown an interest in being a Lidar vendor. It also wants to become a full-stack technology maker of autonomous cars. For instance, they partnered with a Volvo subsidiary to develop a sentinel system that incorporates Luminar’s lidar detectors and software with self-driving software. The company is exploring opportunities in global markets such as China.

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This is a Silicon Valley-based company established in 2020 through the particular purpose acquisition company (SPAC) IPO. Irrespective of the changes in leadership in 2021, the company signed a multi-year contract with the AGM system. This Russian company focuses on the on-air and mobile application of lidar technology.

Assessing potential investment risk with lidar stocks

Lidar has made its way into the products that people use every day. It shows great promise as the facilitator for numerous technologies in various fields. For this reason, many investors might find investment opportunities through one or many public Lidar companies. However, investing in lidar stock has its share of risks. One of the risk factors includes the single version of Lidar technology -may emerge as a frontrunner, uplifting a single patent-holding company to fame and demoting others to the rank of also-rans.


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