On the market you can find many Kindle models, each designed for a specific audience: let’s see together which are the best.

What are the best Kindle models?

There is no single answer to this question, because the different models in circulation often have important differences between them, not only in terms of size and design but also reading technologies, extra features and much more. As a rule, we can divide the world of Kindle models in two: the first is that of actual ebook readers, the second that which also includes Amazon tablets.

Basically, with tablets we can also read ebooks and much more: manage e-mails, watch films and Prime Video series, browse the web in color and even take photos, although not of excellent quality.

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The best among the Kindle models out there: Paperwhite

In terms of value for money, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite models reign supreme as the best Kindle ever. Not only is the display a crisp 300 ppi panel backed by a solid backlight, it also offers waterproof protection (IPX8 rated) and 8GB of storage.

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Its 6-inch display is pretty much the standard, as is the smooth backlight – an improvement over previous models that don’t seem fully illuminated when reading a book at night. Another major change in the design is the way the screen is aligned with the bezel, which makes it more streamlined. The device costs a little over half the Kindle Oasis but offers something more, such as longer water resistance duration (one hour total) and a more book-like format, still preferred by many.
The prices of the models of this Kindle are around 130 €.

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Kindle models for a limited budget

The cheapest Kindle e-reader is the base model, which starts at just under $ 65. It has a very reassuring e-ink panel, which can go on for hours without tiring the eyes, and it supports many of Amazon’s premium services, such as Goodreads and FreeTime Unlimited. Moreover, the newer model now has integrated adjustable front light for reading indoors and outdoors at any time of day.

Designed for reading, it is equipped with an anti-glare touch screen so as not to have discomfort even when you are in direct sunlight. To personalize it, it enjoys a series of colored covers. The merit? With a single charge, the battery lasts for weeks, not just hours. Overall, this is the best Kindle for those on a tight budget and for those voracious readers who prefer to spend their money on paper books, without giving up the digital experience.

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The latest born: Kindle Oasis

The new Kindle Oasis offers the most complete reading experience from Amazon, with its machined aluminum back, larger screen, physical buttons and automatic lighting adjustments (with 25 LEDs). It also brings with it the novelty of water resistance with IPX8 certification, which allows it to survive up to an hour immersed in a bathtub. The device also supports Audible audiobooks, but has no speakers, so you’ll need a Bluetooth paired headset or headset.

The curved rear buttons of the Oasis offer an easier way to access scrolling pages and menus, as well as making it easier to grip the device, which remains very portable. This is the Kindle that shows the most of Amazon’s efforts in seeking a better design, starting with the minimalist aesthetic of the Paperwhite.
The prices of these Kindle models are around € 250.

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Like a tablet: Fire HD 10

Amazon Fire tablets are some of the most affordable around but also functional and capable, if not entirely versatile. The main reason is that their software runs on an Android basis but is somewhat limited, not having the Play Store by default and therefore the apps normally available. Of course, it takes very little to remedy, by downloading the .apk file from the Google store but the trick is obviously not suitable for everyone. For the rest, the money is worth the candle: Fire HD 10 is the fastest and most complete Amazon tablet. It has been updated for 2020 with a slight processor update and 2 gigabytes of RAM. The biggest novelty is the addition of a USB-C charging port, the same as on newer smartphones.

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The Fire HD 10 has a larger screen with more pixels (1080p) than its previous siblings, making it perfect for watching videos to use Show Mode, which turns it into a smart speaker, controllable with Alexa.


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