Snacks are always the synonym for unhealthy and weight gain. So are they should be avoided from the menu? Impossible!

Snacks keep up blood sugar, and it is brain food for students. So, we could switch this impossible task of resisting snacks with the idea of healthy snacks. Jamaica is renowned around the world for its unique cuisine.

Jamaican snacks are nutritious snacks that can resist unhealthy cravings. They are prepared by using fresh aromatic spices, and the mixing is innovative. These goodies are full of proteins and nutrients and could be chosen as a whole meal. It also prevents weight gain and keeps the belly full throughout the day.

What to eat in Jamaica? Check out the following top 10 tasty little snacks of the country. Try these authentic tastes which are unforgettable:

1) Blue Drawers

Blue Drawers or Dukunku is a popular choice of snacks prepared with cornmeal, coconut milk and sugar. Raisins, nutmeg and vanilla are added for an extra flavour. These ingredients are blended and placed in a small piece of banana leaf, and boiled perfectly. Boiling makes the ingredients cohesive. People could eat it directly from the leaf. A similar snack is found in Kerala, India, which is named Ilayada.

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2)Solomon Gundy

It is a famous cuisine in Jamaica made with mackerel or red herring. This fish pate uses smoked fish and combines it with onions and hot peppers. This traditional Jamaican snack is served as an appetizer. An avocado slice along with a cup of tea is heavenly.

3) Chachitas Banana Chips

Prepared from organic bananas, Chachitas Banana Chips are cholesterol-free snacks. It is the lightly salted crunchy morsels with perfect packing. This energy booster is a perfect serve with garlic or mayonnaise dip, and it will add spice to the granola or oatmeal.

4) Toto

This Jamaican cake consists of coconut flakes, flour, raisins, milk and butter. Berries and dry fruits are added according to the taste—brown sugar and rum complete the flavour. Once Toto is baked, it is cut into squares and served.

 5) Tamarind balls

Tamarind is given a coating with sugar. It is an energy booster.

6)Peanut Drops

 Boiled roasted peanuts are used to make this snack which is one of the popular Jamaican snacks. After boiling nuts with missed ginger and brown sugar, it is put to cool down. Sugar becomes caramel, as well as peanuts get hardened. Once it cools down, it is ready to serve and consume.

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7) Stamp and Go

Stamp and Go is Jamaican cuisine prepared out of fritters. Ackee, salt cod and conch are the ingredients used in it. Have this dish as an appetizer. The sweet dipping sauce is the perfect serve.

8) Peppered Shrimp

It is the highly flavoured seafood that is spicy. Have this as a complete meal. Scotch bonnet pepper is used in this dish. After cooking, shrimp in butter, onion and lemon, paprika and ginger are added for rich flavour.

9) Jamaican Patties

Vegetables, meat and chicken, sometimes seafood too, are combined to prepare this popular snack. Spice buns or corn make the golden-brown crust, and it will fill the mixture.

10) Bulla Cake

This flat-shaped cake is prepared with flour and baking powder. Ginger or nutmeg enhances the flavour of the cake. Molasses is the highlight of this snack. We could serve bulla cake with avocado and cheese. It first appeared in the 19th century. This cake is a hit in Jamaican bakeries.


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