According to statistics, back pain affects up to 31 million people in our country. If you are faced with this problem, here is how you can make it easier for yourself to move and reduce the risk of additional injury. Before hiring the moverscheckmoving company reviews and ask for a moving Quote. Be prepared to save your money and download and print a moving checklist.

Hire moving assistants

What is the easiest way to reduce the likelihood of getting a new injury or re-injury to the back? It’s simple-don’t move. At least, not to move on your own. When moving heavy boxes, bulky furniture and oversized items, it is difficult to do without injuries. If back pain threatens your health, you need professional help to move things from one house to another.

How can a professional help with moving if you are experiencing pain? The moving company will take the load off your shoulders, namely:

it will carry boxes or heavy objects. The strain required to lift boxes, crates, furniture and other heavy things can additionally load your back. Lifting and tilting can worsen the condition or cause a new injury. Let the professionals take up the hard work and give your back a rest.

he’ll load his things into the van. Professionals will not only lift and take out boxes, furniture and other things. They will also make up the boxes in the van.

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They will unload the van. When you arrive at a new home, you still need to take care of your back. Movers will take things out of the truck for you and arrange boxes, boxes and furniture in the rooms for which they are intended.

Even if the carrier will perform heavy work, there will still be tasks that require your attention. Before adding stress and tension to an existing injury, learn more about how you can relieve physical discomfort and make moving easier.

Relax before moving

If the injury was not received directly on the eve of the move, then, most likely, you will have time to rest and recover. In the days leading up to the move:

  • reduce the activity. Reduce or eliminate physical activity as much as possible. If you still need to pack, ask a friend or family members for help.
  • use ice or heat. In the first 48-72 hours after an injury, ice is an effective way to reduce pain and swelling. After that, you can use the heat while resting.
  • sleep with a pillow. In addition to a pillow under your head when sleeping or resting, put a pillow between your legs when lying on your side. This will help you relax and get back in line for the time of the move.
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After a good rest, you may feel that you are ready to pack your things. But, although reduced activity combined with ice/heat can ease the pain, you still need to be careful while preparing for the move.

Pack your things with care

How to reduce back tension or discomfort when you pack your things and prepare for the move? To reduce the likelihood of additional injuries or pain:

  • talk to your doctor. A doctor or a physiotherapist can offer you specially developed techniques so that you have to move minimally during this process.
  • take your time. Make a clear schedule of work on packing and preparing things for the move. This will reduce the time you will spend on the move, and will allow you to plan rest breaks.
  • make yourself comfortable. Do not bend down and do not lift heavy objects to put them in boxes and crates. Find a comfortable place to sit down and collect or prepare things.

If the packaging process is too physically complicated, ask for moving help. Involve friends, a spouse, or older children to help you prepare for the move.


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